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Jerry Set Goals, Found the Right Business Strategy, and Got Out of Survival Mode with 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle

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Does your business have a winning business strategy? Or are you losing money trying to make things work? Many of us bounce around searching for our dream job—one that will bring success, freedom, and the cash to live comfortably. Unfortunately, jobs like that are hard to come by, and many are disappearing because of automation. [...]

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle True Stories – BGE (Best Grandmother Ever) Terrie Covers Medical Bills and Helps Her Family with a Home Based Business

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Terrie spent her entire life giving to her husband, her grandchildren, and her friends. What attracted her to the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle (8FDL) was the value it placed on community and giving back. She found this community of like-minded people when she needed it the most—when for the first time in her life, Terrie [...]

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Reviews – After Committing to Building the Life He Wants, Mike Earned $128k!

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The best 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle reviews come from members who’ve been in the business. These are the people who understand why I call this business model the best in the world—they’ve lived it, and they’ve used it to drive success. 8FDL member Mike used the model to create his dream lifestyle. In 2010, Mike [...]

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Giving Back to the Community: Building Micro Houses for the Homeless at Camp Second Chance

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How will people remember you after you’re gone? Will they remember your generosity? Your kind spirit? At 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, we understand the importance of giving back to the community. One of our business’s core values is legacy, or creating a lasting, positive influence on the people around you. This year, our goal to [...]

Legit, Neutral 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Review

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Part of operating a successful business is providing the service and transparency team members and consumers want to see. We worked hard to develop a business model that anyone can use to build their own successful online business. And, we think the results and member testimonials speak for themselves. But, as much as we love [...]