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The Most Effective Ways to Respond to Bad Reviews

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One thing almost everybody agrees on: you NEED to respond to a bad review. Just ignoring it won’t work. It won’t go away on its own. Even if the bad review is wrong and the reviewer is rude or insulting, take the high road and give your best public relations response. Why is responding to [...]

Personal Branding: 6 Things to Do and 1 BIG Thing to Avoid

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We’ve all heard how important our personal brand is when building a business online. These days, creating a powerful reputation is not only beneficial, it’s a must for all professionals. If you know how to brand yourself well (and avoid pitfalls), you give yourself a GIANT edge over competitors who rely on their product alone [...]

Why You NEED to Respond to Negative Reviews Online

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. As the owner of a business, you work hard to make things right—both for the people you work for and those your business serves. Reading a low-star rating can feel like an insult. But here’s the deal: you have an unhappy customer. What are you going to do about it? There are good ways [...]