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Looking for Financial Freedom?

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Steve Jones: Hello, everybody. Steve Jones here from Dallas, Texas. Just taking a little walk today near my neighborhood. I wanted to talk to you about something. In our business, we talk a lot about freedom. Specifically what we're talking about is time freedom and money freedom. But it really comes down to if you're [...]

Nicole’s Success Story

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Alex Dee: Hey, everyone. Alex Dee here, co-founder of 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle. Thank you for watching this video. This video is all about our awesome, wonderful, super enthusiastic Nicole Jackson. Nicole rocks. Nicole is absolutely awesome. Nicole is one of our members who actually made 130,000 in the last 12 months. Congrats, Nicole. Nicole [...]

Shayla’s Search for Financial Freedom

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Coach Orlando: All right. So we are recording. Hey guys. This is Coach Orlando. I'm here with my business partner, Matt, and the beautiful Shayla from Atlanta, Georgia. She's one of our newest members. We just wanted to formally introduce her to the entire community. So welcome, Shayla. Shayla: Hello. Shayla’s Background Coach Orlando: Yeah, [...]