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If You Can’t Stand Working for Someone Else, You Might Be an Entrepreneur

By | 2018-09-04T12:27:36-07:00 September 30th, 2018|Reboot Your Mind for Success, Small Business Owners|

For eight hours a day—Monday through Friday—after a lengthy and tedious commute, you huddle in a small cubicle, glued to a bright screen. The lights are fluorescent, the carpeting is lackluster. And perhaps worst of all: the boss who squashes good ideas, sticks to outdated management styles, and just can’t get to thinking outside of [...]

Why working from home can be a single parent’s dream job

By | 2018-09-04T09:50:27-07:00 September 14th, 2018|Parents, Small Business Owners, Work From Home|

Dream jobs are relative. Some folks want the conventional 9-5 routine, childcare, corporate ladders and bosses to impress. And some folks, long for the creativity and freedom afforded by online innovation, social media engagement, or sales presentations from their own home office. Especially if, midday, you prefer Legos on the living room floor with your [...]