8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Reviews – After Committing to Building the Life He Wants, Mike Earned $128k!

The best 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle reviews come from members who’ve been in the business. These are the people who understand why I call this business model the best in the world—they’ve lived it, and they’ve used it to drive success.

8FDL member Mike used the model to create his dream lifestyle. In 2010, Mike owned a construction company and was taking on more stress than he could handle. He was responsible for employees, trucks, materials, clients, and a million other things that kept him from enjoying his life.

Now, Mike has earned $128,000 and taken back his time. 8FDL allowed him to quit the rat race and enjoy his golden years. Here is how he did it.

Mike’s Story

Mike: In 2010, I had 40 employees and 3 secretaries. I had trucks on the road and cell phones and estimators and four building projects with PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company).

In November 2010, PG&E had a gas line blow up underground in San Bruno which blew up some houses. We were only 25% into our building project, and we still felt pretty confident that they were going to go through with the projects and rebudget the following year. Well, they didn’t. So, after our Christmas party and everybody being grateful that we were moving on they told us that they were not finishing the project. That was four and a half million in contract. When they shut that down, we were way over budget. We had to fight with PG&E for months just to catch up and had to let 35 people go. After that, I just didn’t want to go back there.

Quitting the Rat Race

Since then, I’ve done a lot of different things, like network marketing. Things that didn’t pay off, didn’t work out. But I was always looking for something to get me out of construction. Something that could give me that kind of income that I was used to. Through that, I searched and I found my coach and mentor, Jerry Maurer. And so, I joined with Jerry and didn’t do much with the 8FDL business for a year, because I was still doing construction. You know, the phone would ring and I’d go take the job. I had to pay the bills. So for a year I was making a lot of excuses when finally, in October, when all these folks went to our last convention, I called Jerry and I said, “Okay, I’m serious. I’m going to do this. Whatever you guys are doing, I’m doing the same thing.”

I’d seen 8FDL members Massimo and Leilani and Marty and all these folks that were having the lifestyle that I wanted to have. I saw all these videos from the last event and thought, Okay, you know there’s going to be another person who’s going to come in and take my place and they’re going to have success in this. No, that’s going to be me.

I made a commitment then to do this every day and to do what the others were doing to have success. I didn’t have the money at first to start in the business. I borrowed it from a friend. Since then, not only have I paid back all the money I borrowed—I’ve made $128,000 since November. $53,000 so far this month! I’ve been successful working to have what I wanted in my life. I’ve made some pretty good money, but didn’t put any of that away for retirement. You know, I’m still young. I’ve still got some wonderful years ahead of me and I’m going to live them. This is my retirement.

Making the Golden Years Golden

Your golden years are supposed to be exactly that—golden! Why spend your time at a job you hate? Free up your time with a home based business that makes you feel good about what you do while giving you greater earning potential. Get back with the person who referred you. And, follow us on Facebook and YouTube.

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