Secrets to Success: Build Your Personal Branding

Secrets to Success: Build Your Personal Branding

Despite what some believe, personal branding is more than a witty logo.

Granted, big brands like Coca-Cola or Apple have flawlessly coupled their logo and product branding, taking the entire concept to another level.

But branding is not just for the big players. In fact, personal branding may mean the difference between you achieving success or professionally plateauing.  

Essentially, the first question to ask is how to harness Coke or Apple’s secrets to success on a smaller scale?

Though, that’s just for starters. What else is involved?

Identify Your Personal Vision

To create a personal brand, you must first identify what you truly want in life and what’s most important to you. Spend some time alone to define your core values.

After introspection, lay out your personal long-term goals by asking yourself where you want to be in 10, 20, or 50 years.

To build your personal branding, it’s critical to know yourself well. Without a firm grasp of who you are and what you want, your personal brand will be all over the place. In short, you’ll be scatterbrained.

So, build your personal brand from the inside out.

Define Your Target Audience

Once you know who you are and what you want to represent, define the audience you want to reach.

Keep in mind that your audience goes beyond just the crowd to whom you want to sell your product. An audience is your community. Your tribe, in other words.

Clarify which people you want as assets in your life. This group of people may include mentors, fellow professionals, or your business team.

These are the people you want to impress by allowing them to get to know you.

Establish Your Supporting Parts

In today’s modern world, building your personal brand begins with a thought but is typically carried out on digital wavelengths.

Ultimately, you must pinpoint the platforms on which you will establish yourself. This means recruiting all your supporting parts like your domain name, social media accounts, or website design.

Don’t leave it up to fate or expect things to fall into place. No branding of any kind works like that, flying by the seat of your pants.

To build your personal brand, you must be deliberate and purposeful.

Commit to Evolving

Sit down for a cup of coffee with any successful entrepreneur, and they will tell you to commit to one thing.


Business trends, marketing strategies, and people are always in flux. If you want to be successful, then you have to be willing to change and adapt as well.

To keep the pace, dedicate yourself to being the old dog learning new tricks, no matter what age you actually are.

What this means in terms of building your personal brand is that not even your brand is set in stone. Your goals may change. And your product may change, too.

However, what won’t change are those core values you established within yourself when you first began to build your personal brand.

Everything else? It will have an ebb and flow.

Learn to Be Yourself

Despite what all the professionals say or how much the cool, well-branded Coke in your hand speaks to you, you’ve got to be you.

Actually, your cola bottle might have been labeled with that bit of advice at some point in time. So, go with the wisdom and just be yourself.

Nothing in this life will teach you more about yourself than simply trying. Make the effort to build a personal brand and you just may surprise yourself with your own ingenuity.

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