Why working from home can be a single parent’s dream job

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Dream jobs are relative. Some folks want the conventional 9-5 routine, childcare, corporate ladders and bosses to impress. And some folks, long for the creativity and freedom afforded by online innovation, social media engagement, or sales presentations from their own home office. Especially if, midday, you prefer Legos on the living room floor with your [...]

New Parent Makes $53k in 45 Days After Switching to Home Based Work

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Parents, don’t you wish you could spend more time at home with your kids? If you’re working multiple jobs 60-80 hours a week to make ends meet, you don’t have the time (or energy) to spend with friends and family. The best way to take back your schedule and earn the wages you deserve is [...]

Dad of Two Kids Working Full Time While in School Finds Perfect Job for Busy Parent – Earns $55k in 5 Weeks

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Are you a busy parent looking to earn extra income at home? There aren’t many jobs for stay-at-home parents that offer flexible hours and high earning potential. That was Adnane’s problem—a working father and student with a wife and kids, Adnane needed a job that could support his family and his dreams. Through the [...]

School Teacher Earns $6,500 Passively While Going Through Divorce

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Hey everyone! Alex Dee at 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle here, and I just want to share with you guys (I’m super excited). We have a wonderful member, Kathy, and I just want to congratulate her: she just qualified for VIP! Kathy is quick to say she wasn’t on her own: “Without the help of [...]