The Best Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Social Media to Market Their Business

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The Best Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Social Media to Market Their Business So, you have a business already established. And you know that you need to promote it. After all, without customers, your business wouldn’t exist! Yet, where will you find lots of new customers who want to buy your product or service? Look no [...]

Secrets to Success: Build Your Personal Branding

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Secrets to Success: Build Your Personal Branding Despite what some believe, personal branding is more than a witty logo. Granted, big brands like Coca-Cola or Apple have flawlessly coupled their logo and product branding, taking the entire concept to another level. But branding is not just for the big players. In fact, personal branding may [...]

This Is Why It Is So Important to Have a Mentor

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You’ve done it! You’ve taken the first step towards becoming a successful entrepreneur! You thought of the idea, wrote the mission statement, and dreamt of how big your company could grow. Starting your own business can provide immense feelings of pride and accomplishment in yourself. However, with this new chapter comes a world of unknowns... [...]

The Keys to Success for Online Entrepreneurs

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Rock solid self-discipline, phenomenal work ethic, intense focus - all characteristics of successful online entrepreneurs, right? Absolutely! Here’s the thing, if that’s all you bring to the table then you’re going to fall short. Your business might not even make it too far out of the starting gate. While these traits are certainly not going [...]

Want to Be Your Own Boss? – 6 Questions You Must Ask and Answer

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The schedule, the location, the flexibility. The fact that you’re reporting to none other than… yourself. These perks have you begging the question: “Why wouldn’t you choose to be your own boss?!” While there are countless favorable reasons to run your own business, it’s also not an easy feat. So, if you’re thinking about quitting [...]

Stuck in a Toxic Work Environment? – 10 Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Let’s face it, we’ve all had bad days at work. Though, these should only be an occasional occurrence. If you are daily struggling at the office, however, it may be because of a toxic work environment. Consider these ten signs that something might be off. 1. Gossip Among Your Coworkers It can be awkward having [...]

The Most Effective Ways to Respond to Bad Reviews

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One thing almost everybody agrees on: you NEED to respond to a bad review. Just ignoring it won’t work. It won’t go away on its own. Even if the bad review is wrong and the reviewer is rude or insulting, take the high road and give your best public relations response. Why is responding to [...]