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What a Difference It Makes When You Earn Extra Money! – 5 Fantastic Benefits

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Who doesn’t want to earn extra money? We daydream about it. To get a bonus, an inheritance, a windfall, an unexpected settlement. To set up a side hustle that earns extra cash. To earn extra money from multiple income streams. What’s not to like? But earning that extra money can be a snare if you [...]

“When Can I Retire?” – Perhaps Sooner Than You Think

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Have you been asking yourself, “When can I retire?” If you are thinking about transitioning into semi-retirement but are holding back, take heart. It may be possible to achieve your goal and begin a new life in retirement sooner than you realize. But, what matters do you need to consider first? Take a Hard Look [...]

If You Had the Time and Money – 10 Best Bucket List Ideas

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Everybody needs a bucket list—a list of your dreams—of all the great things you want to do before you die. Of course, everybody’s list is different. Nobody can’t tell you what to put on yours. The best bucket list ideas come from knowing who you are, what you’re interested in, and what you want to [...]

Is It Possible to Pursue Your Passion While Building Financial Security?

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An epic battle is raging. It’s between your desire for financial security and the pursuit of your passion. Much like the fight between the black dog and the white dog, the two desires seem to conflict. It almost is as if there are two sides to your core—two different elements that are built into your [...]

10 Simple Ways to Make Extra Money at Home

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Are you a stay at home parent who wants to make some extra money? Or, are you already working full-time but are looking for a viable side-hustle? Thanks to the internet there is nearly limitless opportunity for people who want to make money and are motivated. 1: Become a Freelance Writer Every website needs high-quality [...]

Starting a Business: Vital Stages That Lead to Success

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It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the prospect of starting your own business, especially when you look at the statistics. Did you know that “about two-thirds of businesses survive at least two years, and about half survive five years?” Many failed businesses have great ideas, but lack in their follow-through, and others begin on a [...]