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Why You Should Take Online Business Courses for Entrepreneurs

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Are you on the edge of quitting your day job for a more rewarding career? Have you taken the first step towards becoming an entrepreneur but feel overwhelmed by the various aspects of running a business? Entrepreneurship is a bold, brave, and exciting adventure that, done well, can help you fall in love with your [...]

This Is Why Small Business Coaching Helps

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When you think of a coach you probably think of sports. Someone shouting instructions from the sidelines and high-fiving you when you actually make that epic shot. And don’t forget about the inspiring pep talks, the challenging practices, or the uncomfortable “How’s your English grade?” inquiries. In short, a coach is someone who pushes you [...]

Why You Should Use Marketing Automation

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Does using marketing automation sound like handing over your company to a mob of client-hungry robots? Well, it’s not. It’s actually way cooler than any robot mob you’ll ever see. In fact, rather than you handing anything over to the bots, this automated type of marketing hands opportunities over to you. And, by the truckload, [...]

What Traits Make You an Entrepreneur?

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The word “entrepreneur” is tossed around a lot lately in the media. You see on TV someone who has “made it” and everyone wants to know their secret to success. They think if they can just figure out what this person did, they can be successful too. However, being an entrepreneur isn’t rocket science. In [...]

How to Make Money on Instagram with Josue Pena

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There are over 700 million people who use Instagram. You’ve seen these users—in airports, on the bus, waiting in line at the store—scrolling through stories and feeds. And you’ve seen images of happy people posing for photos outside of restaurants and monuments. It seems everyone is using it. Not only that, people are talking about [...]

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Investing

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Entrepreneurs don’t think like most people. As entrepreneurs, they’re driven by something deeper than money—they’re driven by influence. They want to be their own influencers and leave their mark on the world. Most entrepreneurs don’t seem to follow standard financial advice. When they’re successful, we all wonder how? How do they drive results? We’ll get [...]

How to Attract Your Ideal Customers & Practice Executive Communication

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Words are powerful. We’ve all heard this before. But have you really stopped to consider how to find the right ones—especially when it comes to attracting the type of clients you want? The best clients are the ones who need your services and have the money to pay for them. It’s a relationship based on [...]

How to Make Money Posting Ads on Facebook and Grow Your Business

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Facebook is a platform for earning money and increasing visibility. According to the New York Times, Facebook has 50 minutes of your time each day. It almost goes without saying that Facebook is an indispensable marketing resource for any company—from your mom and pop’s online shop to a Fortune 500 company. Today, we’re reviewing the [...]