After Making $44k in the First 60 Days, Gary is Firing His Boss!

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Are you fed up with working long, thankless hours just to put money in someone else’s pocket? Joining 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is the first step to firing your boss. With our proven system and supportive community of successful entrepreneurs, you can make extra money from home and start living the life you deserve. One [...]

Property Manager Fires Boss After Making $67K in 45 Days and Starts Giving Back as an Online Business Mentor

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Hey, everyone. Alex Dee here. I’m one of the co-founders of 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, the online business that is easy to start, even if you don’t have a technical background or sales experience. Our business model offers you scalable earning potential without working more than 20 hours a week. I know that can sound [...]

How Can I Earn Money from Home? Ask Kay, a 72 Non-Techie Who Made $44k in Her First 7 Weeks

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Do you wish you could earn extra money from home and spend more time with the people you love? You could be making more money in less time right now with the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle. Having an online business is the best way to build the lifestyle you want, whether that means spending more [...]

New Parent Makes $53k in 45 Days After Switching to Home Based Work

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Parents, don’t you wish you could spend more time at home with your kids? If you’re working multiple jobs 60-80 hours a week to make ends meet, you don’t have the time (or energy) to spend with friends and family. The best way to take back your schedule and earn the wages you deserve is [...]

Curb Financial Stress & Earn Extra Income at Home without a Degree in Marketing or Sales

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You may not believe it, but you don’t need a degree in marketing or sales to make a seven-figure salary. You can earn extra money at home using our successful and proven system that’s so simple, anyone can use it.Take JulieAnn. She was able to curb financial stress and find direction in her life because [...]

From the Struggling Oil and Gas Industry to a Successful Home-Based Business: Cowboy Steven’s Incredible Story

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The 8-Figure Dream Lifestyle is about more than a successful business model. Sure, you’re building a successful home-based business you can do online and on the go. More than that, though, you’re also gaining access to the coaching, support, and resources you need to succeed, even when you feel like you don’t have the [...]

Fire Your Boss and Stop Missing Out on Life: Coach Tom’s Inspiring Story

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Have you ever taken a serious look at your busy, crazy job in the corporate world and wished you could just fire your boss? Do you wish you had the freedom to spend time with your family, travel, work on your golf swing, and do all the things that make life worth living? If [...]

Can You Make Money At Home? Listen to coach Massimo & Leilani’s Story!

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Ready to leave your dead-end job and make money at home? Nowadays, having an online business is the best way to build the lifestyle you want while having the freedom to choose your own schedule and hours. Think only internet-savvy millennials can make big bucks online? You don’t need marketing skills, sales experience, or [...]

Lisa Makes $12.5k in First 2 Weeks with Help of Online Business Community

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Why do so many people fail to generate income online? Because they lack support from a live, online business community of experts who want to see them succeed. Unlike other online businesses, 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is a nurturing business that supports its members with constant community support. Lisa wanted to learn how to [...]

Dad of Two Kids Working Full Time While in School Finds Perfect Job for Busy Parent – Earns $55k in 5 Weeks

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Are you a busy parent looking to earn extra income at home? There aren’t many jobs for stay-at-home parents that offer flexible hours and high earning potential. That was Adnane’s problem—a working father and student with a wife and kids, Adnane needed a job that could support his family and his dreams. Through the [...]