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“When Can I Retire?” – Perhaps Sooner Than You Think

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Have you been asking yourself, “When can I retire?” If you are thinking about transitioning into semi-retirement but are holding back, take heart. It may be possible to achieve your goal and begin a new life in retirement sooner than you realize. But, what matters do you need to consider first? Take a Hard Look [...]

Can Online Entrepreneur and Business Courses Provide Cutting Edge Education?

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Our world is changing. We’ve swapped newspapers for the Internet, handwritten letters for Facebook messages, and photo albums for Instagram accounts. It only makes sense that in this day and age we can also swap a classroom for a virtual education. In fact, there are approximately three million students who are completely enrolled for an [...]

The Retirement Crisis: Will Your Social Security Benefits Be Enough?

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Can you comfortably retire on your Social Security benefits? Probably not. Many retirees rely primarily on Social Security for income, but that doesn’t mean it’s enough. To prevent a retirement crisis, ask yourself a few pointed questions. How Much Income Will You Need in Retirement? Retirement experts agree that you should assume you’ll need 70-80% [...]

Working from Home: The Challenge of Finding Easy to Use Online Training

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If you’re like most people embarking on the epic entrepreneurial adventure of working from home, you’ve probably got the internal goods covered. You’re dedicated, driven, and self-disciplined. It’s in the nitty-gritty details of external logistics that tends to muddle up your know-how. In short, the back end of your business can get really confusing. In [...]

What to Do in Retirement: 7 Vital Questions to Ask Yourself

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Are you nearing the age of retirement but still have questions? Knowing what to do in retirement can be stressful and anxiety-inducing. But it can also be an empowering pivot in life, a chance for new opportunities. If this sounds like you consider these questions below. 1. When can I retire? The typical starting question [...]