8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Giving Back to the Community: Building Micro Houses for the Homeless at Camp Second Chance

How will people remember you after you’re gone? Will they remember your generosity? Your kind spirit? At 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, we understand the importance of giving back to the community. One of our business’s core values is legacy, or creating a lasting, positive influence on the people around you. This year, our goal to give back led a group of 8FDL’s founders and members to Seattle, WA to build micro housing for the homeless at Camp Second Chance.

Building a Second Chance

Speaker: Those individuals have a human right, have a constitutional right to sleep somewhere.

Leilani: Micro houses.

Interviewer: Why are we getting people to buy micro houses?

Leilani: We’re getting people to buy the houses so the homeless people have a house instead of a tent. Right now, they’re all organized tents one after the other within the camp.

Alex Dee: Brian, Jerry, and I, we all do our own philanthropy stuff and as we’ve been making money, we’ve been making our own donations to other things. So we’ve been trying to find a community project we can all work on, where we can donate money, time, or whatever it is and it just happened that Leilani comes up with this really great project that was actually near and dear to all of our hearts. I know for Jerry, me, and Brian, if it wasn’t for our families, we probably would have been homeless. We want people to know that this isn’t just about the money. It’s about much, much more than that. It’s about legacy.

Leilani’s Birthday Wish

Leilani: I’m live here on my birthday with my friends at Camp Second Chance. I’m going to give you guys all a chance to jump on because I have some amazing things I want to share about my birthday wishes today. Just please, anything you can donate is going to help. Each house after taxes costs $1600 in total to buy. It doesn’t mean you have to drop $1600. Even if it was $3 or $5, that makes a difference. If you feel it in your heart and you’d like to do that, that’s my birthday wish.

Brian: It’s now gotten to a place where we are truly giving back to the people in the community. People in our own community and people everywhere that need help. Legacy is what I’m putting out into the world. When someone looks back on my life, 30, 50 years from now, what has my life been about? That’s what’s important. That’s the impact on the world.

The Macro Impact of a Micro House

Camp Second Chance Resident: Before we became homeless, we had an apartment. But the thing is, neither me or my wife could keep up with the rent.

Interviewer: Why couldn’t you keep up with the rent?

Camp Second Chance Resident: Well, we had jobs at one time but both of us got laid off. We tried to get other jobs, but with the competition out there, you don’t get something right away. There was no place for us really to lay our heads. A friend had told us about Tent City Three. Before we went there, we were downtown at the shelters and the shelters wanted to separate us. I said to my wife, “No. We can’t.” A lot of times when people separate families like that, it causes a lot of problems. I said, “We’re not going to get separated.”

We really didn’t know where your next meal was coming from. We really didn’t know where we were going to lay our head. Like I said, we really had no clue at all where to go. The one thing I think people make a big mistake on is thinking that could never happen to me. That’s the biggest mistake you could ever, ever, ever make.

Being here [in micro-housing], you have time to plan out what your next move is. You’re not rushing around and worrying about who’s going to take your stuff because that’s pretty much what we worried about. It gives you time to look for work. It gives you a sense of responsibility. You know you have to take care of this in order to get to this. I don’t have to worry about my tent collapsing. [My wife] doesn’t have to worry about that either. For the longest time when we’ve had tents, when a big windstorm would come, oh boy, my wife would tell you. She’d be in that tent and all of a sudden the tent would collapse. She’s like, “Oh my God. What do I do? What do I do?” She was trying to get out and some of the campers were trying to help her get out. She said, “I’ll be glad when we get our house.”

Sometimes when society has been rough on you, you don’t know how to deal with it. This gives you the time to do exactly what you didn’t realize was hard and prepares you for that next step: getting back out into society. It also shows you that people do love you. They take care of you. They look out for you. We’re like one big, happy family.

Now That We Started, We’re Just Getting Started!

Alex Dee: It’s about playing such a bigger game where you’re literally impacting the world because it’s no longer about you… I’m here with RJ, who just got home from work. He’s got a brand-new house built.

RJ: It’s very exciting. You have no idea. This is amazing! And I have a porch.

Volunteer: You come from work, right?

RJ: I come from work.

Volunteer: Come home from work. Out of a tent to a house.

RJ: Yeah.

Volunteer: What we want to do right there. Right there.

Alex Dee: I’d love to get more people like RJ, get them back out swinging. Come get a hammer, extend funds, whatever you gotta do but make it happen. We’re going to knock out … How many we need here? 70? 100?

Volunteer: Yeah, 50.

Alex Dee: We got 50?

Volunteer: We need 50 more.

Alex Dee: We need 50 more. We got a lot done and we’re going to get a lot more so guys, do your part. Look at RJ, man. That smile is worth it right there. Just for that [smile]. I love it. Our handiwork isn’t that great but at least we got something done.

Give Back and Support Your Hometown

There’s no greater feeling in the world than giving back to your community. Let us know how you’re giving back, and share this article to show your support for the wonderful community at Camp Second Chance. If you want to join a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who value giving back to the community, get back with the person who referred you. And, follow us on Facebook and YouTube.

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