Getting Started as an Online Entrepreneur

Being an online entrepreneur has its benefits.

But it also has its share of challenges.

While many will tell you to just take the leap of faith, successful small business owners will preach something different.

The “been there done that” folks are going to tell you that the song is wrong: love is not all you need.

In fact, sitting down with a successful entrepreneur for a meaningful discussion may just reset your mindset. And that’s a good thing.

The bottom line?

I want you to succeed.

So, here are a few things about getting started as an online entrepreneur that nobody’s telling you.

Prepare Your Figurative Foundation

The key to getting started as an online entrepreneur is preparation. Undeniably. Lots and lots of preparation.

Part of being prepared means connecting with other entrepreneurs or even talking with a small business coach. Basically, give up on the idea that you’re awesome enough to do this by yourself.

Let’s be straight, you are awesome. But, you’re also smart. That means you’re going to learn from others’ mistakes and experiences.

Also, learn about yourself. Before you jump in, be sure that you understand your own natural rhythm. What time of day are you most productive? What situations often bottleneck your forward motion? How do you stay motivated?

Knowing yourself better will safeguard your productivity and help you to work more effectively.

Set Expectations that Won’t Blow Your Cover

Sure, your fantastic new online business might be an enormous buzz online. The cash flow could very well sweep you off your feet, allowing you to “make it rain” green dollar bills.

Or, you could begin your business like thousands of others, chugging along like a freight train for the first several months until you pick up steam.

What I’m trying to say is, be that entrepreneur who expects twists and turns.

When you plan for wealth right off the bat and it doesn’t happen, your business takes a branding hit. Have a hefty financial safety net in the bank before ever jumping in.

With the confidence of having the backup, you can commit to crafting your business steadily. Your clients will find you less of a newbie and more of a trustworthy business in which to invest.

Make a Game Plan for Your Work Schedule

The dream is to work in your pajamas, coffee in hand, right?

While this may sound fantastic, it’s problematic. The pajama scene will get old and you’ll get lonely. After all, we humans are social creatures.

Decide where you’ll actually work from. A cafe? The coffee shop down the street? Your home office?

Don’t expect these details to simply work themselves out. Many an online entrepreneur has wasted entire days simply looking for a compatible workstation.

Also, be prepared to schedule your more difficult tasks during your productive time frame.

Even though being an online entrepreneur is miles away from having a 9-5 gig, you still have to be the boss and get the most out of yourself as possible.

Live and Breathe Your Business Basics

The basics are deciding what you’ll actually sell, identifying your target audience, marketing content, and dedicating yourself to professional evolvement.

Make these ideas the framework of your headspace. You need to be eating them for breakfast and getting to know these basics like the back of your hand.

They are fundamental to professional success. You won’t last long in deciding to wing it rather than putting the time in to educate yourself on your industry.

Of course, balancing family life and socializing follows closely behind the business basics. Keep in mind, you’re still human no matter how “super” your endeavor is.

You are the mainframe of your business, so treat yourself well. Get enough sleep, eat a good diet, and keep those creative juices flowing with exercise.

Getting started as an online entrepreneur involves your entire being. Until you’re ready to go all in, commit to solid preparation.

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