How Cindy and Doc Found Financial Security

Alex Dee: Hey, everyone. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Thanks for taking a couple of minutes to watch this video. We’re on this to congratulate Cindy and Doc King who literally were at our last event, walking across the stage after doing over six figures at that time. They made over 150,000 in one year. We’re celebrating their one-year anniversary online, not having to leave their home. I’m so excited. I know I’m not supposed to ask a woman’s age.

Cindy and Doc’s Story

But I asked her, so if anything, it will inspire you guys, 73 years old and made $150,000 online. She’s made more online than half of the gurus I know. That’s what that basically says. I’m so excited for her and Doc. So Cindy, if you don’t mind just sharing with us a little bit about why you guys started out the business. What was the big motivating factor for you guys? Because I know you’re both retired, and what’s led to you guys’ success?

Cindy: Well, and yes, we are retired. We got started a little over a year ago, just celebrated our first year anniversary. We had been living a very nice lifestyle in Florida in a upscale community. All of sudden, Doc took ill, very very ill. He was hospitalized for several months. I’ll tell you, it doesn’t take long for all of a sudden, your bank account to go way up here to practically nothing. We lost everything. We lost our home. We lost our car. We were living on what I call social insecurity, not a very comfortable place to be.

Alex Dee: No one likes social insecurity.

The Phone Call

Cindy: The unexpected happens. It happens to all of us. If you don’t have the funds to cover it, what do you do? We ended up relocating. We’re now in North Carolina. We came here thinking that this would be a way that my husband could get some better medical attention. At any rate, as I said about a year ago, year ago November to be exact, we received a phone call and listened to the call. As a result of that call, went on a webinar that night. The very next day, the gentleman who turned out to be our sponsor, Marty Lothin, I call him Magnificent Marty, fantastic gentleman, gem of a guy, and what a wonderful support person. We ended up deciding we were going to take the plunge. I mean, what were our choices? What were our options? When you are at our age, to try and develop business.

Getting Started

So we got started. We figured nothing ventured, nothing gained. Came in at what was then the $6,500 level. That was what we could afford. Within four days, we had our first sale. In six weeks time, we were VIPs in the business. Within five, six months, had surpassed the $100,000 mark. It’s just been an incredible, incredible adventure. It’s allowed us to do things. We’ve been able to replace our 2002 Trailblazer that was on its last legs and buy the car of our choice and pay cash, which we’ve never been able to do before.
In addition to that, we’ve taken a couple of amazing vacations. As I looked back, the biggest benefit and bar none is the peace of mind that we’d been able to achieve. You can’t put a price tag on that. Just to know that you’re financially stress-free, it just makes all the difference in the world. While that and then being able to give back now and help our people, and just see everybody else achieve their goals, it’s just been a wonderful wonderful experience.


Alex Dee: Yeah. We were just talking about retirement. Most people don’t know like, “What am I going to do in retirement?” It’s like they got to have something where they could be at home. Well, you guys are only at home. I was saying like the biggest prices was think Doc is ill and you get to be at home with him during that period of time. To me, that’s like super priceless because you are guys are able to be together. In fact, you were saying it’s like freezing during the winter there. You guys even found a way to outsource your food so you literally don’t have to leave the house. You make money at home. You’re at home the entire time. You literally don’t have to leave if you don’t want to, right?

Cindy: That’s right. Haven’t left the house in a week.

Alex Dee: I love it.

Cindy: We’re using the car. It’s been wonderful.

The Webinar

Alex Dee: That’s the way retirement should be. Guys, first of all, if you’re working with Cindy, guys, you’re extremely blessed. Definitely get back with her. For those of you who are probably seeing this, it’s probably on our fan page and inside our community page. I’m just going to tell you, get back to the person that invited you. Find out more about the webinar. This has been an unbelievable business that’s changed so many lives. We don’t just have a few people making money, guys. I’m sorry to say this, Cindy, we have a 73-year-old who made over six figures online. I’m pretty sure if she can do it, she’ll tell you that you can do it too. It’s been amazing. I’m so excited. When they came out too and they walked across our stage, getting their award and literally, one of the few people. I was trying to keep from crying basically when I heard their story. It’s just so inspirational.

The Free Masterclass

First of all, if you guys get this, get back to the person who invited you. Also, comment below. Let everybody know this is awesome. This is fantastic. Congratulate Cindy because guys, you guys can be having this same exact story a year from now. What will this next year be for you? How many of you will love to have your retirement? How many of you love to be at home? Have that peace of mind, security taken care of. Get back to the person that invited you. Watch one of our free masterclasses. They’ll walk you through. They will show you our automated and outsource. We can literally start this business from 10 to 15 hours a week and be able to take it to the next level. With that said, thank you, Cindy. Congratulations.

Cindy: Thank you. Very humbling. I love to say, if you’ve got a why, we’ve got the way.

Alex Dee: I love it. So we’ll see you guys on the webinar. Take care. Bye guys.

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