How Eric Found Financial Freedom

Alex Dee: Hey, everyone. We’re here. Thank you for watching this video. There’s a lot of people in Corporate America today. I know a lot of us have tried a lot of things. Sometimes we try stuff and we failed. I know I’m definitely one of those people. Eric here has actually got a great story. So I wanted to share with you guys. Now, you’ve been in the business what, like less than five months. You’ve done 60,000 online. So first of all, big congratulations to you. So that’s one of the reasons for the video.

Eric: Thank you.

Eric’s Story

Alex Dee: Two, I just want you to share your story because I know you tried a lot of things and then you joined our business. So just tell us a little bit about yourself. I know you work in Corporate America. So just take it away, my friend.

Eric: Yeah. I’ve been in Corporate America for about ten years now. Software, hardware, technologies, business development, but I’ve been doing that for a long time. Like you mentioned, I have spent a few years with some affiliate programs, multi-level marketing, and invested a lot of money, little to no results probably like a lot of people out there. I have a sports background. So naturally, I’m kind of driven and motivated and competitive. I feel within the corporate world somewhat limited in what I can do. There is kind of a ceiling that you can reach within your business. You have to always report to somebody.

Trading Time for Dollars

Alex Dee: You always got to trade time for dollars. So there’s always going to be a capital in that essentially, right.

Eric: Yeah. Absolutely. I used to ride public transportation and then sit in traffic all day long. I have a little bit more flexibility now. But I mean, that for me, was really the driving force in wanting to find a home-based business opportunity where one, a kind of flexibility, but two, I could really get results.
Ingredients for Success

Alex Dee: Awesome. Now, you’ve been a part of the business for five months, 60,000. What would you attribute to like your success, why you’ve found success here with 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle like? What was missing? What was some of the lacking ingredients that maybe didn’t work for you in the past?

Eric: Yeah. I think a lot of it has to do with the community. It’s a smaller community than some of the larger ones where you feel like everywhere you look, everywhere you turn, everybody’s promoting it and talking about it. So what kind of really drew me in and attracted me to 8 Figure was it’s a smaller community of 12, 1,300 team members. Again, the attentiveness to the team members when they have questions, that you can get questions answered by yourself or somebody else who had the experience. I think the training that you get in the back office is really second to none with everything from the templates, the sales tools and marketing tools. I mean, it really put me in a position to have success and gave me direction which I didn’t get in a lot of other companies I joined. In most cases, I was forgotten about.

Working Part-Time

Alex Dee: When you started out, how many hours did you put in? Because I know you had a corporate job and this. Were you able to take some of your part-time hours and started out and be able to build it to making that 60,000 in the last five months?

Eric: Yeah. I think for me, early on. I scaled it a little bit with some of my hours. But to start, I would spend maybe one to two hours a day or when I was just going through leads and following up with potential prospects, I would just call them and spend time calling them. Kind of start baby steps, kind of manually calling, practicing the pitch, talking to people, and then over time, you can make it your own and scale the business, how you want to follow up. For me, I just spend a few hours a day or a few hours a week just depending on how many leads that I was following up with and go over it.

Eric’s Goal

Alex Dee: That’s awesome. So guys, I just wanted to share this. It’s such a great scenario. Here’s a funny thing. Eric, how big is your family? Because I know that’s a primary motivation for you, right, because you want to go from Corporate America. What’s your goal? Why did you join the business?

Eric: Yeah. It’s a lot of reasons. It does start with family and friends. Like most people, you want to spend more time with your loved ones. Your family-

Alex Dee: Your family, for the record, you have three kids.

Eric: Three kids, yeah, I’m married with three kids, a longer game.

Alex Dee: I would never guessed that when I first looked at you. He looks like he’s in 20s and he’s got three kids, way ahead of me which is awesome.

Eric: But I think that-

Alex Dee: They are eight, six and three, right?

Eric: Yeah. Eight, six and three.

Alex Dee: All boys, so you got your hands full.

Starting Small

Eric: I’m busy. But I think that also really proves out our business model as well is that I work a full-time job. I have kids. I work at home which is challenging as well. But I’ve been able to put in a few hours to start. As I was able to bring on new team members, scale the business and spend a few more hours a day or a few more hours a week with the business. But you can start very little with just a few hours to get yourself going. I’d say just be consistent with it. That’s all I’ve done.

An Unbelievable Business

Alex Dee: That’s awesome. Man, I’m super stoked for you. Guys, for those of you who are looking into this business, maybe you’re like him because my background’s Corporate America. Eric’s is Corporate America. We’ve all tried a lot of different things. It hasn’t worked. What we have here is just a business that’s just been unbelievable, where you could start part-time, work from home. Even if you have three kids, you can still be able to do this.

Eric: Or more.

Alex Dee: Yeah, or more. Yeah. Even if you have more, even if you have one kid, you’re going to be able to do this. What’s great about our business, we have such automation outsourcing. People are getting started at 10 to 15 hours a week and able to build this. So my biggest suggestions guys, number one, congratulations, Eric. Make sure you get back to the person who invited you. They’re going to give you a link to a free masterclass you can attend. It’s absolutely huge. We’re going to keep sharing tons of these stories.

The Testimonials

We’ve got hundreds and hundreds of testimonials like this. I know for a lot of people, it’s about finding something that’s real, genuine for people that are actually doing it. It’s a business that you can do. Eric’s just another testament of somebody that has had the heart, the will. He’s always just had the wrong strategy. Now, he’s finally got the right one. So big congrats to Eric. When you guys see this video, please comment below to let Eric know congratulations. Second, get back with the person that invited you. Check out the free masterclass to find out how you guys can be able to be home with your family like Eric is with his. So anything else you want to add, Eric?

Taking Action

Eric: That’s it. If you’re on the fence or you’ve thought about it, you’re dipping your toes in the water, take action because the one thing I would say is my only regret is I started in September. I was introduced a few months before that. I wish I would’ve started a little bit sooner. So that’s my only suggestion.

Alex Dee: Yeah, you’d be able to quit your job a lot faster.

Eric: Yeah.

Alex Dee: So we’re here to fire bosses. But better sooner than never. So guys, take advantage of it now. Thanks, Eric, for the time.

Eric: Thank you.

Alex Dee: And for the video. Thank you, everyone, for watching the video. Bye.

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