How Sheila Made Over $74,000 in Nine Months

Alex Dee: Hey, everyone. Thank you for watching this video. This is Alex D, 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle. I’m here with another one of our yet awesome member, Sheila. Sheila, I describe her as a ray of sunshine because she’s just always just radiating that awesome energy from wherever she’s at. So we’re sharing her story because, she’s been in the business for nine months. She’s made $74,500. Congratulations.

Sheila: Thank you very much.

How Sheila Got Started

Alex Dee: What’s so awesome is that she started out the business. I know you had started, give us the primary reason why you got started with 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle.

Sheila: I primarily started, I was looking for work because the business that I was in, it did not bring in enough income. As a result, I had to find something to supplement what I was losing out of my savings account. So I went ahead and found this business. It seemed, I mean it just made sense to me. It allowed me to start putting in savings back in my account. So I didn’t lose the money that I was treasuring for traveling and seeing the world.

Alex Dee: Cool.

Sheila: It didn’t stop myself from that.

Alex Dee: Within three months of basically in this business, you made about $22,000, right?

Sheila: That’s correct.

The Accident

Alex Dee: That’s awesome. Then the very next month by that now, your daughter had a little bit of an accident, with her and her friends in a car accident, right. So tell us about that and what this business allowed you to do.

Sheila: Well, actually she was in a river raft accident. One of her friends in the process passed away. It was horrendous on her. She just was devastated. I needed to be by her side. I ended up having to be there for about three and a half weeks, which allowed, this business allowed me to do that. It allowed me to go away to another location and walk away from the business temporarily so that I could be there for her yet the business continued to prosper. It continued to bring me in sales as I was on vacation or actually on vacation.

Making Sales

Alex Dee: Spending time with your family, I mean, because you got so much automation and outsourcing here, you just plugged in. You were actually able to make sales while you were actually getting to spend time with your family which was important to you.

Sheila: That’s correct. In fact one of our VIP members I got from being out there.

Alex Dee: That’s awesome. So you made another 21,000 sale while you’re actually spending time with your family which is probably a lot more than a lot of people make sometimes, maybe even in a half year you did in a month while really being there for your daughter. I mean, that’s priceless time, right. That’s something that you really … That’s the times that we all want to be able to spend times with our family, right, being [inaudible 01:11:34]. Then you went full-time at that time, correct?

Sheila: Yes, because the business was doing so well, while I was out there, I was able to call the boss and let them know that I would not be coming back.

Going Full-Time

Alex Dee: Yay, so in four months all the way through that and basically got it covered, that’s so awesome. So basically got that done, and then now that that part was covered, now, tell us the primary theme. You worked this business 25, 30 hours. I know the primary reason you do it is to travel because you love to travel and spend time with your two daughters. So what have you been able to do in the last six months since you’ve been working as full-time?

Sheila: I’m kind of embarrassed because people work so hard and they work everyday full-time. I’ve been able to go on about eight or nine vacations. Two of them were three and a half weeks gone. I’ve gone to Florida twice. I’ve been to California three times. I’ve been to Colorado, Iowa. I mean, I’ve just been able to take weekends here and there, about a week’s vacation. I can do what I want to do. It’s been able to afford me that and give me the time freedom.

Online Business

Alex Dee: That’s awesome. Eight trips, not bad, two to Colorado, two to Florida. I mean, you’ve seen more of the states that I think most people have so that’s awesome, just in the last year. I’m super excited for you guys. Here’s the key. For those of you watching this, maybe you’re kind of going through it like, “Online business. Can I really learn it?” I love Sheila’s story because it’s such an inspiration.
Two, maybe you guys are really, you want to spend more time with your families. You have kids and want to be there for them as they grow up. Sheila’s been able to do that. If you love to travel, obviously, this is a great story as well. So get back to the person that invited you. I know last month, I spent a whole month in Hawaii and had one of our best months ever. That’s what this business allows you. Because of the automation and outsourcing guys, we have it.


If you’re concerned about funding, we actually have a funding system that will help you get funded in literally within three to eight days. So you’re not wasting any time. Our goal is to get you up to making five figures a month consistently so you could do what Sheila did here which is fire your boss as fast as possible and be able to do this full-time. Okay? So with that said, I just want to say congratulations. Thank you so much, Sheila, for sharing your story. Thank you everyone for watching this video. At this point, get back to the person that invited you.
Also, comment belong and say thanks and congrats, Sheila. I mean, that’s the biggest part because we love to celebrate success. That’s what we’re doing here, okay. All right, guys. Everybody have a good day. Bye.

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