How to Generate UNLIMITED Leads for Your Real Estate Business

Generating leads is crucial for any business.

Here at 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, we’re dedicated to providing our members with all the tools they need to generate leads and grow an online business.

We all need ways to attract and retain clients.

Jason Wardrop, who is featured in the video above, is a real estate marketing expert. He offers a product called 6-Figure Agent, and it’s a lifeline to anyone in the real estate business.

This program teaches folks how to produce more buyers in relatively simple ways.

Wardrop has helped over 2,600 agents and brokers generate more real estate leads. Because of his program, Wardrop is now known as the real estate traffic expert.

Below, we dive into his program and how you can get the most out of it.

Why It’s So Important to Focus on Real Estate Lead Generation

If you’re able to continually attract people who are interested in what you have to offer, eventually that interest is going to convert into sales.

As a real estate agent, you’re a busy person. Not only do you have a list of properties to market and contracts to negotiate, but you also have to follow up with clients, cold call prospective buyers, and a whole lot more.

But who has time for making cold calls? And who likes making cold calls?

The answer is: no one.

Cold calling is not only time consuming, but it’s extremely uncomfortable and often doesn’t bring you to the right buyer.

With Wardrop’s approach, you never have to cold call again.

It’s possible to gain more real estate leads while actually lowering advertising costs. When you target the right clients and automate communication, you’d be amazed at your real estate lead generation.

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Becoming a 6-Figure Agent with Jason Wardrop

Before Jason Wardrop became a real estate marketing tycoon, he started out just like any business professional—fresh out of college, ready to take on the world.

Like many college grads, success didn’t come right away.

Wardrop’s first attempt at business was a dental website designed to land desists new clients. The trouble was he was hardly getting any leads himself. So what did he do? Like any smart person, he sought out advice.

Through mentorship, he discovered what his site was missing. It was missing a lead capture landing page. When he added that, it was a game changer. In Wardrop’s words, “It took me from zero to hero.”

Because it was working so well, Wardrop decided to go all in. Within a few months, he was making $25k per month. In less than a year, he was making $100k per month.

He decided to automate this process with a consumer-friendly product specifically designed for realtors. Hence, 6-Figure Agent was born.

This program leverages the hottest form of marketing (social media) and offers automation and ways to scale up. Not only that, but every user maintains complete ownership of their brand.

Wardrop says there are three secrets to becoming a six-figure agent. We’ve detailed those secrets below.

1. You need to learn how to generate 2-5 real estate leads per day.

With the program, you can learn how to generate consistent leads, even if you are a complete newbie to social media or have no existing online presence.

This program comes with a landing page tool that allows you to set up a simple site just for tracking real estate leads. Wardrop has tested this tool and found a 10-25% increase in leads… without having to increase the amount of traffic to your site.

How do you get folks to the landing page? Through simple Facebook advertising, which his program covers in detail.
The landing page tool works for buyers, agents, sellers, brokers, open houses, listings, and a lot more.

It’s a simple call to action that users can customize to fit their needs. You simply select your own photo and banner to create a very straightforward call to action.

Below is a preview of what one of these landing pages could look like.

mock demonstration of Jason Wardrop's landing page for real estate

You can also curate pages to communicate whatever message you want. You may be surprised how well this simple tool works for real estate lead generation.

What happens when you start getting tons of leads? How do you make time to follow up with all of them? And how do you know you’re getting the right leads?

That brings us to secret #2.

2. You’ll never have to make a cold call again. This is how your leads begin to turn to conversions.

When you begin to see leads, following up may not be too difficult. You might be able to set aside an hour each day to call everyone back.

However, when they pile up, then it’s tough to get to everyone, and you start to feel overwhelmed.

For example, what happens when you get 50 real estate leads in a day? How do you know which are qualified?

Once the leads start pouring in, Wardrop’s program has an automated response setup that invites potential buyers to schedule a call. That way, you only get responses from folks who are really interested in the property and are motivated to learn more.

When clients go through the effort of getting in contact with you, you know they are the right lead.

With this second step, follow-up, scheduling, and point of contact are all automated. It’s a seamless procedure—clients get exactly what they need, and you’re able to contact all your potential buyers without it eating up too much of your time.

What’s next? Scaling up, of course!

3. How to scale up your real estate business to $10k in commissions a month.

At this point, you have leads pouring in and automation that weeds out clients who aren’t serious. Now, all you’re looking for is a sale. This program can get you there.

Let’s break down some numbers to see how this program truly turns leads into sales.

chart demonstrating the conversion rate from Jason Wardrop's program


At 100 leads per month, you can expect to earn serious money in just 5 months. All you have to do from there is keep the momentum going.

If you’re generating cash flow, you simply have to continue investing on Facebook to get folks to your landing page. Often (and with a little fine-tuning), the cost per lead is very low, so don’t be shy to invest more when you have a working ad so you can gain more leads.

At this point, congratulations! You’re scaling up.

Welcome to the cycle of perpetual growth!

graphic showing a map to six and seven figure incomes by using Jason Wardrop's programchart demonstrating how many leads are needed to generate a certain amount of money using Jason Wardrop's program

With Jason Wardrop’s 6-Figure Agent, It’s Possible to Generate Leads and Continue the Growth!

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