How to Make Money on Facebook and Develop Long-Term Wealth

Facebook. Almost all of us use it.

According to Business Insider, time spent on Facebook accounts for 20 percent of all time spent online. That means, for companies, it’s a huge platform for earning money and increasing visibility.

8FDL licenses digital products and pays 100 percent commission with a “franchise like” business model. They provide programs to empower entrepreneurs to market online, as well as products to market.

Today, we’re reviewing 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle’s approach to building Facebook Communities and generating long-term wealth on the platform with Arthur Tubman.

Arthur Tubman is the Facebook business expert whom the experts consult when they need advice. He’s a big shot.

Recently, he drove 10 million visitors to a site within the first 45 days of its creation, without spending a penny on site traffic. In this video, he reveals how he did that for 8FDL founders, Jerry and Alex.

Facebook Communities: Earning On Facebook the Smart (and Easy) Way

Arthur Tubman claims that he drove 10 million visitors to his site within the first 45 days without spending a penny on site traffic by using what he calls “social strategy” and “timeless strategy.”

Social strategy refers to creating a loyal community by better relating and communicating with people who interact with your business.

Timeless strategy refers to the principles you apply in your business with your clients every day—such as taking into account customer feedback and adapting to it.

In this digital product, Tubman shares his personal “timeless strategy” to help 8FDL members make money on Facebook.

How to Make Money on Facebook While Doing What You Love (Tips from Expert Arthur Tubman)

To drive massive online traffic, Arthur advocates starting with what your audience loves. This drives engagement, and engagement is the bread and butter to generating sales and leads.

Let’s take a quick snapshot of Arthur Tubman’s career to gain some insight into how he came to create his “timeless strategy.”

Arthur became an entrepreneur at the age of 19. Since then, he has helped a variety of companies and industries grow. In 2008, he went into online marketing out of necessity. He was tired of hitting the pavement and getting leads on foot.

By 2008, he created a coaching program for people like him, who wanted to utilize blogging and other strategies to grow their businesses online. By 2009, he raised the necessary money, recruited six business partners, moved to California, and filmed the entire thing on his own web-based reality show: Unstrapp’d.

The show was picked up by some notable publications, including the Orange County Register. This press generated the buzz and resources Arthur needed to launch his agency, D4Y Brand Builder, which he still maintains to this day.

Since then, he has created viral videos, worked with celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, musicians, direct-selling organizations, and small business owners.

Today, we’re putting a microscope on his most recent success, which is driving 10 million site visitors in only 45 days without any paid advertising. This achievement has gained attention from Forbes, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, among others.

But, is that feat really possible?

“Yes,” he says, “I did it.” However, in the video, Arthur explicitly does not guarantee he can help you drive 10 million users to your site within the first 45 days. He notes, “Are you going to do it? I don’t know… There are a lot of variables. There are a lot of unknowns.”

Yet, it worked for him. And it has also worked for others.

In fact, Arthur mentions one of his students, who used this strategy to drive 250,000 organic users to his site. Think about that. What could your site do with 250,000 more visitors?

Arthur attributes his Facebook strategy to an unnamed mentor (Mr. X). In the mid-2000s, Arthur noticed Mr. X using Facebook community pages to generate tons of revenue–all while he surfed all day in Costa Rica.

Of course, Arthur found Mr. X’s life appealing and begged Mr. X to teach him his ways. As he mirrored Mr. X’s strategy, in just a few short months, Arthur was able to build a brand new page to over 115,000 fans. Today, that page has almost a million followers.

He says, “It’s not just vanity. It’s not just about the fans. It’s about the crazy engagement.”

People have countered Arthur’s method by saying, ‘Well, I could just buy likes.’ The truth is, you can’t buy this kind of engagement. You can’t buy reactions, shares, etc. “Engagement like this doesn’t exist.”

He’s right.

Paid likes go toward bots and people across the world, but not users who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

The bottom line is: Knowing how to make money on Facebook involves a successful long-term strategy that begins with community engagement.

Tip: Apply timeless strategy principles to your niche

Arthur claims the engagement principle can be applied to any niche.

What are the core components of creating a niche?

  • Pick a niche that’s an irrational passion. Think Comic-Con, with fans in superhero costumes. These are the kinds of fans you want. Focusing on a hot niche community helps you build a long-term brand.
  • Go social with your brand. Would your fans wear it on a T-shirt? A mug? Think band with everything. People wear their favorite band on their chest all the time. Would your fans wear your brand?
    In the video, Arthur gets into all kinds of specifics about Facebook marketing techniques—creating email lists, collecting pixel data, selling direct business-to-business, using Taboola or Outbrain, retargeting, and a lot more.

Again, the main takeaway is: To create a successful long-term business on Facebook you must build a community.

How do you do this? You market your brand on Facebook.

Tip: Use these simple steps to successful Facebook campaigns
Arthur provides 3 simple steps that make Facebook campaigns work:

1. A well-targeted audience

You’re looking for “likes.” Therefore, you want your ad to show the most relevant audience who are most likely to “say yes” or “like” your page when you ask.

Arthur provides resources and tools to determine your audience, like media kids and Adsprouts.

2. An attention-grabbing image

Once you have an audience, you need an attention-grabbing image. Your ad image is the key to getting a prospective fan’s attention. It is the image that will draw them to your ad so they can read your headline and text.


  • Avoid using logos. They are not personal.
  • Use smiling faces over landscape backgrounds. If you can use a photo
  • with a face in it, do it every time.
  • Colored borders help.

Tools and resources:

  • Poor man’s Photoshop: PowerPoint. You don’t need to be a professional to create an image that will work.
  • to create memes.
  • Jing for capturing the image.

3. A Logical headline and appropriate call to action

Headlines help break major points apart for easy overview. And a call to action is crucial. You’d be surprised how the simplest calls actually work. Things like: You like this, then like us?

Tip: Hinge your marketing on good, quality content

Finally, Arthur advocates that marketing longevity hinges on good, quality content. He says, “Content is king… but only when you practice my ‘congruency doctrine.’”

Congruency Doctrine Steps:

Basically, if you follow the chart above—generating content topics, tracking users, social posting, and creating more content about social posting—you’re bound to generate buzz.

Arthur also mentions some valuable trending tools, like Buzzsumo, Google trends, and Epic Beat to help you successfully implement this system.

Does his strategy really work?

Arthur doesn’t guarantee that his methods will work for everyone.

Again, keep in mind that this is meant for people with long-term goals in mind. Plus, this video was made in 2013, and Facebook has updated their marketing guidelines since then. So, get up to speed on Facebook regulations and policies before you create a community.

How You Can Make Money on Facebook

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