How to Spot Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

Are you looking for an opportunity to work from home? Today more and more workers are searching for a path to the work-at-home lifestyle. Whether you are thinking about getting into joining a direct sales company, telecommuting for a corporation, or starting your own business, the challenge of finding the right opportunity is a difficult one.

The benefits of working from home, like avoiding the a commute and having more time for family, are clear. Less obvious is how to go about finding legitimate work-from-home opportunities. Among the many possible pitfalls are inadequate income, large start-up costs, extended start-up time, and the very real possibility of being caught in a scam.

There is no shortage of get-rich-quick schemes out there. How can you spot work that’s legitimate, pays a decent income, and is right for you? Weeding through all those online opportunities takes time, work, and savvy.

Serious entrepreneurs recognize that any legitimate work-at-home opportunity will require actual work on their part. The same is true for tracking down the right opportunity.

Here are some guidelines to help you in your search for the work-from-home lifestyle that’s best for you.

1. Inventory Your Skills, Interests, and Resources

Consider carefully not only the work you would like to do, but what you will need to accomplish it. Take an inventory of your talent, your experience, your skills. Are you creative? Is math your strong suit? Do you have professional skills, like nursing, or accounting?

Whether you’re good with computers or with people, talented in music or in programming, you can use your skills from home. There are companies that hire people with your skills. Check job boards and company websites and blogs.

If you lack skills in the area you’d like to work in, consider how you can gain them. Online courses, certification, training. Prepare for the kind of work you want to do.

2. Consider: Do You Want to Be an Employee or an Entrepreneur?

Work from Home as an Employee

Do you want full-time work with regular hours and a steady paycheck? Perhaps working remotely with an established company is your best option.

This path is like a traditional job, where a company hires you and pays you a wage and, maybe, benefits. It’s like working a desk job except you get to work from home. You’ll work regular hours, but you can do your job in your pajamas, if you want.

Another possibility is the entrepreneur path. If you dream of working from home, consider starting your own business. Working for yourself, you have flexibility and freedom.

Work From Home as an Entrepreneur

Another path towards legitimate work from home is starting your own business.
If you’re a self-starter who loves a challenge, entrepreneurship may be the job for you. Your income potential is limited only by the amount of work you get done, the number of clients you have, and your personal vision and drive.

If your dream is to be an independent professional with your own business? Depending on your skills, consulting, freelance work like web design or writing, or tutoring a subject you’re expert in may be your way to reach that goal. You may blog your way to success.

Or, you may join an opportunity with an established business model. For example, check out 8 Figure Dream Life Style.

3. Do Your Research.

Spend time looking for the best opportunity for your lifestyle. Take advantage of the Internet revolution, the expansion of telecommuting, and today’s more fluid workforce to create your own work-from-home opportunity.

But do your due diligence. Before you sign on the dotted line, check out the company. Consult with previous customers or affiliates. Speak to references. Is training provided? How much can you expect to earn? Who will pay you and when? Are there up-front costs?

The Bottom Line

Spotting the ideal legitimate work-from-home job for you means looking closely at your skills, your talents, your interests, and your resources. Take an inventory and build up any additional skills and qualifications you will need to do your work-from-home job.

Consider carefully the business model that will work best for you, whether it’s working for a company or starting your own business. What will best suit your particular temperament and working style?

And finally, do your research. Look into the opportunities available, and evaluate them.

You can spot legitimate work-from-home jobs if you keep your eyes open.

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