How to Succeed Working from Home Part-Time

For many of us, when we think of working from home part-time we picture a person lying around in their pajamas, snacking on chips with the television playing in the background and a laptop perched on their lap.

Perhaps for the rare few this is a reality, but for most, working from home part-time looks drastically different. As they can tell you, dealing with the pressures of daily working alone can be intimidating.

However, the benefits gained from working part-time from home are well-worth the transition. And despite the challenges, with the right tools and mindset, you can succeed.

The Benefits of Working from Home Part-Time

There are many reasons people choose to conduct business from the comfort of their home. For one, it is cost effective.

These stay-at-home business people save on gas, eating out costs, child care, and other work-related costs. In addition, they save time by cutting their daily commutes and can arrange their work schedule to fit their life.

Perhaps the biggest gain of working from home are the mental and physical health benefits.

Typically, places of work have bad lighting and require sitting for long hours in front of a computer screen. Working from home means that you can work in the environment that best supports your health while also making space for more genuine quality time spent with family and friends.

The Challenges Of At-Home Work

However, unlike the image of a pajama wearing, popcorn popping, part-time worker at home, those that choose to run a business from home face real challenges.

These individuals can easily over-work themselves because there are no set hours and their office is also a few steps away.

Managing the various aspect of a business can be stressful and difficult to execute alone. Balancing the workload and handling various tasks alone puts quite a bit of pressure on an individual as. You might be a financial wiz, but when it comes to web design, you don’t have a clue.

How to Succeed at Home

There are several pro tips that you can implement in your at-home businesses. Applying these tips can promote better working conditions, time management, and success.

1. Design your office space

Even though you are no longer chained to a corporate office cubicle, it is still helpful to have a designated space for work that encourages productivity. Don’t just bring your laptop into any room or have files and paperwork stacked on the dining room table. Creating a space for work will keep you organized and help you separate work from home life.

2. Set your working hours

Working from home means you could, technically, be working 24-7. Yikes! Without set office hours, you’ll be running to answer the phone into the late evening. You are no longer working part-time but overtime. Instead, set office hours and when the workday is over, leave your office space, put the office phone on silent, and go relax!

3. Know how to delegate

Many think that when you work from home you lose all of the resources and support of a big office life. If you can’t juggle it all, outsource work that you feel less equipped handling on your own. 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle has plenty of helpful resources for do-it-yourself entrepreneurs that take the pressure off of running a business solo.

4. Stay connected

Whether you loved or hated your previous employment before going solo, these workplaces offered friendships and professional connections that you can’t get from home. Look for ways to stay connected by joining professional groups such as LinkedIn and attend relevant conferences frequently to stay in the know.

Working part-time from home is a luxury that many would kill for. However, balancing life and work is challenging in any workspace, and requires a system. Following a simple guide, your part-time work can be a fulfilling and successful endeavor.

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