If You Can’t Stand Working for Someone Else, You Might Be an Entrepreneur

For eight hours a day—Monday through Friday—after a lengthy and tedious commute, you huddle in a small cubicle, glued to a bright screen.

The lights are fluorescent, the carpeting is lackluster. And perhaps worst of all: the boss who squashes good ideas, sticks to outdated management styles, and just can’t get to thinking outside of the box.

If you hate working for someone else because you feel as if your talents are being overlooked, it might be time to consider entrepreneurship.

However, not everyone is suited for entrepreneurship. It is a risk-taking, high-intensity job that takes a certain amount of guts and stamina to be successful.

But, how do you know if you have what it takes?

Take a moment to answer these questions to see if you could make the cut.

You Might Be an Entrepreneur If…

1. You’re creative.

Most creative people really wilt when working under a boss because they aren’t always allowed to test out new ideas.

Most companies require proposals to get passed between several different hands before deciding whether or not they are willing to change up the business. And many times, they’ll stick to whatever is safest.

Entrepreneurship allows creative minds to flourish!

2. You’ve got guts!

You need to be fearless to be a successful entrepreneur because every day you are betting on yourself to make things happen.

Fearless individuals are typically the person in the office who is ready for any challenge and encourages the company to try out new ideas and take risks. However, these individuals are often met with caution signs and roadblocks that keep them itching for adventure.

3. You enjoy a challenge.

No, not the kind of challenge like you working to be civil to your jerk of a boss.

Entrepreneurs enjoy grueling, all engines steaming kind of challenges. They thrive off of mental puzzles and high-pressure stakes.

In many traditional work settings, every person has a specific position and they are only allowed to handle certain tasks. This will make an entrepreneur stir crazy! They need more responsibility to feel truly productive.

4. You are an outcast at work.

While everyone else stands around the water cooler chatting about their weekend plans, an entrepreneur is thinking of their future.

Many times, entrepreneurs just can’t fit into the corporate lifestyle—the dress code, standard work hours, co-workers, management styles, etc. They think outside of the box, so why put them in one!

5. You take action.

Everyone can think of a great idea when they put their mind to it, but not everyone can make that idea into a reality.

Entrepreneurs make things happen! Whether stuck in an office or working from home, when they receive a task, they get it done. When a problem arises, they spring into action.

Often, these individuals are assigned more and more tasks in the workplace because of their can-do attitude but without the pay increase or recognition. Entrepreneurship rewards hard workers with a more fruitful life.

The Benefits of Entrepreneurship

It is appealing to think of oneself as an entrepreneur, right?

Not only does entrepreneurship cut commute time, add flexible work hours, and provide freedom to conduct business outside of a cramped office, it also promotes self-esteem and creativity.

Entrepreneurs wake up every day knowing that they are in charge of their workday.

No more being piled-high with menial tasks, having to go through various channels to get approval for an idea, or being bound to a set of company rules. With their own business, they finally have the freedom to create something to be excited about.

So, if you hate working for someone else because you feel it has stamped out the flame of creativity or inhibited you from reaching your full potential, ditch the cubicle and start working towards becoming your own boss!

For those who have the ability and motivation to, entrepreneurship can be the ticket to freedom and success. Check out our website to find more inspiration for your go-getter mind.

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