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Like many things in life, when you run your own online coaching business, you get out of it what you put in.

We know what it’s like to get stuck in a career rut. To watch your bank account get smaller as your failures seem to grow even bigger.

This is what eventually lead us to take the plunge—to dive in and start something new, something that had, for a long time, been in the back of our minds.

And now that we’ve made this leap, We’ve also made it my mission to inspire others to do the same.

What It’s Like to Own an Online Coaching Business

Owning an online coaching business is two-fold. In order to be a successful coach in the business world, we had to master the ability to not only coach but to run a business as well.

Having a passion for coaching is great—it drives and motivates us every day. Watching our clients develop and succeed also fills us with a tremendous amount of joy.

However, in order to obtain these clients, we needed to also understand the business side of coaching. We could only begin coaching once the sales, finances, networking, and nitty-gritty details had been taken care of.

So, the reason we have been successful as both a coach and business owners is because we’ve balanced our coaching passion with the strengths we’ve acquired in order to run a business.

How Starting A Business Changed Our Lives

In corporate America, we seem to have two options: 1) a decent work/life balance, the ability to follow your passion, and a really low income or 2) no work/life balance, zero room to follow your passion, but a high income.

Starting your own company gives you the best of both worlds—the ability to earn a great income and maintain the schedule you desire, as well as the opportunity to explore your passions.

Though, what can be troubling for many people is the lack of resources during the early stages. This inspired us to dedicate our careers to helping others achieve what we did but with the proper help and tools.

Behind the Scenes of an Online Coaching Business

Yes, the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle offers products, training, tech support, etc. (all of which are all crucial elements required to start a business). But what makes us unique, and what makes us feel truly fulfilled, is the mentorship aspect of our coaching company.

Our community is made up of hundreds of people just like you. They, too, started by stumbling across articles like this one. Now, though, they have the time and resources to share their knowledge with others.

At 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, all of our clients are automatically paired with an experienced mentor. You get to navigate your journey with them, watch them in action, and learn about the tips and tricks that got them where they are today.

Empowering Others

Once you have your company up and running, you might decide that you want to help spread your knowledge. You can share your passion by paying it forward as we do with others, and as your mentor did with you.

In the business world, we are all in need of a coach or mentor. Somebody to serve as a guide, to help us follow our goals, or to identify strengths we may not even know we have. Getting advice from somebody who has been in our shoes can make a tremendous impact in how our business succeeds moving forward.

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