Lifestyle Design: reshape your world into what you want it to be

You aren’t stuck.

You can touch up, tweak, or start over if you have to.

But you better believe you have the right, privilege, and responsibility to reshape your world into what you want it to be.

Otherwise, you run the risk of inauthenticity, wasted time and regret.
And you don’t really want to spend your future years mired in any of that, do you?

You’re on the verge of a great life. Read on for an explanation of the “Lifestyle Design.” Then explore why it benefits you to do it soon and do it well.

What is Lifestyle Design?

If you’ve spent years as runner in the corporate rat race, a stay-at-home parent longing for a bit of adult interaction, or one of the legion just scraping by on a meager income, you’re probably already amped to revamp your lifestyle.

But, to be clear, lifestyle design is not for just people who hate their lives or need a drastic change.

Lifestyle design is for anyone who wants to stop falling into one life situation after another and start choosing the steps of their journey with intention.

Your ideas, values, talents, needs and perceived purpose matter. Therefore, they are the fabric and color of your life design. Thus, the work you do should embody those things.

After all, so much of our lives are spent making a living. You need it to be good for your soul and invigorating for your mind.

Dead end jobs and lost potential should not have a prominent place in the optimal layout of your life.

If you’re ready for a clearer lifestyle design, then you’re ready for a future focused on new opportunities and realized goals. You can create your own financial security, job satisfaction, and a high level of contentment via entrepreneurship and self-employment.

How Do Lifestyle Design and Entrepreneurship Intersect?

Simply put, lifestyle design and entrepreneurship are about helping you feel good about your work and investing in a meaningful future.The freedom afforded by working for yourself helps ensure your journey becomes personally worthwhile, focused and profitable.

  • Lifestyle design asks these questions about the work/rest balance in your life :
  • Is your work meaningful or draining?
  • Do you have time to reset and restore your energy?
  • Are you in control of your time?
  • Does the way you approach work make sense as a path to meaning and happiness?

How would you answer those questions?

If you sense a lifestyle design is in order, but feel worried about making significant changes to the status quo, consider closely the following benefits.

Why You Should Reshape Your World into What You Want it to Be

Lifestyle design affords you freedom. It can liberate you from convention, traditions, and expectations relating to work. It can expand and illuminate what it means to work. Consider the following:

1. Work can Bring Satisfaction Instead of Struggle

Do you get bogged down by the idea that the struggle is real and your efforts are simply characterized as necessary “hard work”?

What if work wasn’t just “hard” but challenging, invigorating, compelling?
Designing your life and work to embrace those facets can change your work game completely. Make work fun again.

Becoming an entrepreneur allows you to find a system, mentors, and products that are in keeping with your work goals, desires, and motivations. You truly can love what you do.

2. Your Results Drive the Reward

Lifestyle design helps you stay focused on making your work a reflection of who you are. In addition, you have the added design feature of being judged by the work, product, and service you provide alone.

Office culture is not a thing when your lifestyle design includes entrepreneurship..
You don’t have to go into the office and impress with “face time”, over time, or by offering more and more of your personal time in hopes of a favorable assessment by a superior.

Your offerings as a small business entrepreneur is more direct and meaningful… as are the mental and monetary payoffs for you.

3. You Get to Drive

To reshape your world into what you want it to be, you’ve got to get out of the passenger seat. Learn to love taking charge. Don’t hand over the keys, your seat, or the steering wheel to the gods of the “steady paycheck”. Instead, take control, drive your business. Make moves toward constantly finding more lucrative relationships, enriching sources of income, and taking time to step back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The responsibility for pressing the gas pedal when necessary and applying your business brakes at the right time is yours. The responsibility for applying your values and maintaining a strong regimen of self-care is yours, too.

Go as fast or slow as you wish. Just be sure to soak in the sights and enjoy the journey.

4. Control Your Own Income

Continually seeking new growth and income opportunities make you more flexible, confident and able to adapt.

You can create a career path that provides for the basics, supports long-term savings, and gives you the ability to monetarily embrace your values and beliefs. Refuse to coast along, at the mercy of a job that controls your financial income and options.

With an intentional lifestyle design in place, you honor the ebb and flow of your needs. Your work pace and income serves you appropriately, without undue pressure or stress.

This is the definition of working for yourself. You, not the bottom line of a corporation, drive your specific version of success.

Are you ready to begin your own lifestyle design? Now’s the time! Let’s see how we can get started. Visit me on the T8FDL Website Facebook Page.

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