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Steve Jones: Hello, everybody. Steve Jones here from Dallas, Texas. Just taking a little walk today near my neighborhood. I wanted to talk to you about something. In our business, we talk a lot about freedom. Specifically what we’re talking about is time freedom and money freedom. But it really comes down to if you’re an employee that has a job that you’re trapped in, so you get paid every Friday.


But you run out of money every Wednesday. That’s a problem. I’ve been in that problem. I used to get paid monthly and run out of money usually by the 21st of the month. That’s not a fun place to be in. If you’re an employee living paycheck to paycheck, you do not have freedom. If you’re a business owner, I’ve been a business owner before, if you own a business and you’re managing employees in a company and products and marketing, and you get a six-inch, 12-inch stack of bills on your desk every month, that’s not freedom.


So if you’re a business owner, that’s frustrating. And you’re trapped by your business or you’re an employee and you’re trapped by your job or you’re an entrepreneur and you just want to use your talents and your skills to make you rich instead of your boss or if you’re a retiree, and that social security check just doesn’t quite get it done. We’ve got the number one online business for business owners, professionals, employees, retirees.

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If you want freedom, you want to learn how to make five figures a month, have freedom with your time, freedom with your money, have that money last ’til the end of the month or make your golden years golden, we can help you with that. Go to the person that invited you to this site and they can get you a lot more information on our business and how to live your dream life. Talk to you soon. Bye bye.

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