Nicole’s Success Story

Alex Dee: Hey, everyone. Alex Dee here, co-founder of 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle. Thank you for watching this video. This video is all about our awesome, wonderful, super enthusiastic Nicole Jackson. Nicole rocks. Nicole is absolutely awesome. Nicole is one of our members who actually made 130,000 in the last 12 months. Congrats, Nicole.

Nicole Jackson: Thank you.

Nicole’s Story

Alex Dee: So we’re here to congratulate her. She’s actually here just to share her story with us, which is awesome. So Nicole, I know you’ve been doing the business for the last 12 months. You’ve done real estate business. So I’d love to hear your perspective, like why did you choose to do 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle and what it’s done for you since.

Nicole Jackson: Okay. Great. Well, thank you so much, Alex, for having me. I’m very excited to share my story. That is basically, I come from a traditional background. I was involved in real estate for many years. I sold real estate. I wrote mortgages for many years. I worked more along the lines of like a consultant, as a contractor. Then after so many years, it was very very stressful. Then also the market dried up in my area. I’m here in Michigan. I just was looking for a change. Actually I had kind of gotten desperate for an opportunity. I actually, this was 2016, in March of 2016, I ended up purchasing an existing store that was some of the laws had changed in the area. I was able to purchase a store at a deep discount.

Being a “Business Owner”

Alex Dee: Why did you purchase the store? Because we’re always told, “Become a business owner,” right.

Nicole Jackson: Yeah, business owner. That’s it.

Alex Dee: Be a business owner. Be your own boss.

Nicole Jackson: Absolutely. I knew I needed to do that. I knew I needed to be my own boss. I needed to be a business owner.

Alex Dee: Because you want time freedom. That was the big thing.

Nicole Jackson: I wanted time freedom. I don’t know what I was thinking though buying this store. I mean, obviously, there was some time involved in turning the store around, and just being in that whole brick and mortar space came with its set of challenges. One of the challenges was that I had made the investment in the beginning. I was pouring my time and my money into the store. It literally was 12 months later, the following March that I was able to pull my first $6,000. I was able to put my first piece of cash out of this store.
The funny thing is that was March of 2016. November, October, November of 2016, I found this opportunity. It literally was like, “Hm, is this thing too good be true?” It has absolutely every single thing that you would want. You have the entire business in a box. It truly was a business in a box. I saw that right away.

Making Sense

Alex Dee: You were telling me like, “No overhead, no employees?” Wait, I pay once and I don’t have recurring business expense? You’re like, “This doesn’t make sense to me, Alex. This just doesn’t complete.”

Nicole Jackson: Yeah. Something is not … But it did make sense. It did make sense. It made great financial sense. It made sense in my spirit exactly what it was that I was truly trying to create, which was time freedom, right?

Alex Dee: Right.

Nicole Jackson: I wanted the mobility of being able to run my business anywhere in the world, anywhere that I was in the world. That is huge.

Alex Dee: Absolutely.

Nicole Jackson: That it was on the cutting edge of the future, like what is it that people are really doing right now. How are we really spending our money? We’re buying stuff online.

Alex Dee: Absolutely.

Making the Sale

Nicole Jackson: We’re buying educational materials online. We’re doing this. So it was in a complete alignment. Well, the funny thing is I started my business. Literally, two weeks later, I made my first sale, $6,500. So how does that happen? So I made more money-

Alex Dee: In two weeks.

Nicole Jackson: Two weeks.

Alex Dee: Than whole year in a traditional business.

Nicole Jackson: Like really.

Alex Dee: That was like 20 hours a week for a whole year where you came here, basically marketed, and you made more in a profit. That’s awesome.


Nicole Jackson: Yeah. The cool thing is, Alex, I can’t say enough about you and our leadership team because I am a business person. So I know the elements. I know what I’m looking for. I know about management, leadership, visions, and all of those things. Every single thing that you said, that you saw for this business, you have done every single thing.

Alex Dee: Yeah.

Nicole Jackson: I mean, just with like even better than I could have imagined. So I’m really confided.

Alex Dee: That comes from all the mistakes we’ve made so it makes it really easy. We’ve got great members that really give us a great deal of feedback which really allows us, such as like yourself. Nicole is always telling us what we need to change, so it’s always great.

Nicole Jackson: Wait. You told me whatever I want, right?

A Life-Changing Business

Alex Dee: Right. Whatever Nicole wants, Nicole gets. So that’s our motto here. Guys, I’m just super stoked. The biggest parts of somebody looking at this business now, I know it’s been life-changing for you and you just shared. I love it from a business owner’s perspective because so many times, they would tell us to start a business. We always think traditional but traditional is so much like the old school days, right? Where you’re taking up all the responsibilities. At the end, you now become an employee in your own business practically.

Nicole Jackson: Absolutely.

Words of Advice

Alex Dee: Now, the world is online. You don’t have all the recurring debt. You can do stuff from home and do all the things. So for someone looking at this business call, what would you tell them right now?

Nicole Jackson: I would tell them to go ahead and get started right away at the top. It really makes no … I mean, I won’t say it makes sense, get in how you can.

Alex Dee: However way you can get qualified in.

Nicole Jackson: However way you can get qualified, start your business. It doesn’t matter. But I highly recommend coming in at the top. I mean, that’s the best financial decision for me.

Alex Dee: That’s what you did as well, right?

Nicole Jackson: Absolutely. Absolutely. So get in right away. There’s no boogie man here. There’s nothing behind this curtain. There’s nothing. There’s no gotcha’s.

Alex Dee: I love that. That’s great.

Nicole Jackson: It really is exactly what we say it is. We’re all real people. You can look at us on Facebook, Instagram. You see my kids, my house. We’re real people. This is the real deal. This is the real deal.

The Masterclass Webinar

Alex Dee: Absolutely. Guys, when you watch this video, thanks so much. So number one, get back to the person that invited you. We have a free masterclass if you haven’t seen it. It literally is a no BS webinar. I know you guys probably seen a ton of stuff online. You’re like, “Oh, what’s real? What’s not?” In our masterclass, we literally walk you through step by step all the reasons why everyone fails online and the seven systems you need to have in place that we discovered ourselves. Those are the seven systems we’ve actually put in. So you guys can see that in a very short period of time. That also includes our funding.


We are the only online business that I know of that actually offers our own in-house funding. So if you need capital to get started, 95% of businesses do. We’re no different. The best part is though we provide the funding so you guys can be able to start your business. With that said, definitely I want to thank Nicole for sharing her awesome story. She’s one of the awesome people in the community that will be here. You guys will get a chance to meet. I want to thank you guys for watching the video. We’ll see you guys in the masterclass. Hopefully, we’ll see you in the business very very soon. Take care. Thank you for watching. Bye.

Nicole Jackson: Thank you. Bye.

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