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Where Did We Come From?

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Helping Inspire People

Founders Alex, Brian, and Jerry all know what it’s like to be stuck in an exhausting job, with no time for your passions and loved ones and seemingly no way forward. We know what it’s like to watch your bank account dwindle and feel as though you’ve hit your lowest low. But, we also know that it’s possible to turn it all around.

That’s why 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is founded on three core values:

  1. Our system is designed to get real sales results for real people.
  2. We believe in giving back to others and the community. That is why our mentors who attain results come back and mentor others in the community to elevate up and succeed.
  3. We are creating a community of givers who then go out and make a positive impact on the world beyond the community!

Since 2016, we have been striving to honor these values. In that time, our community of members has reached over 1200 and growing, and the sky’s the limit! 8FDL is all about inspiring passionate, determined, hard-working people to learn how to earn money from home and claim their best lives. We did it, and we know that you can too.

Meet Our Team

Alex Dee
Alex DeeThe visionary
Working a corporate job helping companies scale, Alex started researching online to find a real business he could do from home where he could make $10k in his first 30 days to replace his salary to be home with his fiance!

After all the research, he realized it didn’t exist! So he decided to create it!

BrianThe Low Key Straight Shooter
After owning a pawn shop and having gun put to his head, Brian was ready to find something safe where he could be home with his 3 kids!
He now makes multiple seven figures a year and travels on vacation with his family every quarter!
JerryThe Enthusiastic Techie
After being involved in many business opportunities, Jerry realized time freedom was important but he needed something that would work for the long haul! So he took all those years of experience and put it to work in his own online business!

Learn More About Alex, Brian, and Jerry

Alex Dee

When he was nearly 40, Alex found himself living in his mother’s house, with just 462 dollars in his checking account. He had little more than a desk and a dream of building a better life.

He soon established himself in a high-paying corporate job, only to find that he’d swapped one problem for another. He was earning six figures, but sacrificing all his time. It was difficult to enjoy the comforts of a high salary when he never got to see his fiancée or loved ones, and when he was spending more time in airplanes than on solid ground.

He knew he needed to make a change. He started looking for online business opportunities that would offer the time freedom he craved, but found that the system he was searching for just didn’t exist. Rather than give up, he decided to create it himself.

Now, as a founder of 8FDL, he has the best of both worlds: a thriving business with which he can focus on mentoring others to get out of the same challenges, and precious time with the people he loves. He’s dedicated to scaling this up anyone who’s willing to put in their time will achieve success!


Brian owned a pawnshop for years. While the business brought in a healthy, steady income, Brian regularly faced threats to his health and happiness. And he doesn’t just mean employee issues, though there were plenty of those. At the worst moments, he had bricks thrown through his windows and a gun held to his head.

As a husband and father of three, Brain knew enough was enough. He couldn’t keep putting his life on the line. So, he sold his pawnshop and tried to put his business skills to use in other ventures. When these didn’t work out, he suddenly found his income slashed and his bank account dropping. With a family to care for and no means of doing so, he felt as though he’d reached the darkest point of his life.

But, he also knew he had nothing to lose and everything to gain. So, he started researching online and built some success. When he met Alex and Jerry, they decided to form 8FDL. Suddenly, he was making money again, climbing back up to the lifestyle he’d already worked so hard to establish.

Now, Brian is living proof that this system works. With focus, drive, passion, and determination, you too can create the life you were meant to live. 


Jerry spent years and years commuting four hours each day. Four hours! Then, somewhere around five years in, he realized he didn’t want to do it anymore. And who can blame him!

Jerry started his own video production company, but he still couldn’t quit his job and truly become his own boss. Instead, he was juggling multiple responsibilities and an agonizing commute, leaving him with almost no time for friends, family members, or anything else. He knew he didn’t want to do that for the rest of his life.

So, he started working in multi-level marketing. After years of going through ups and downs and seeking out online business opportunities, he saw the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle model and found success in just five months. He was able to retire from his job and truly become his own boss.

Today, Jerry’s life is about much more than making ends meet. He finds fulfillment in looking out for others and helping people just like you achieve their dreams.

Growing Community

In the last two years, this company had become about much more than just the founders! It’s really about the members and all the mentors who have achieved six figures in less than a year and are now mentoring others to achieve the same success. As they say, a rising tide raises all ships. 8FDL is looking to take their unique business model and community and raise the waters across the globe!

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