Shayla’s Search for Financial Freedom

Coach Orlando: All right. So we are recording. Hey guys. This is Coach Orlando. I’m here with my business partner, Matt, and the beautiful Shayla from Atlanta, Georgia. She’s one of our newest members. We just wanted to formally introduce her to the entire community. So welcome, Shayla.

Shayla: Hello.

Shayla’s Background

Coach Orlando: Yeah, absolutely. Shay, why don’t you just give the viewers here a quick little thumbnail sketch on your background?

Shayla: Okay. I am in Atlanta, Georgia. I am a conventional, mortgage underwriter. I have been in the mortgage industry for about 20 years. I have also owned several businesses. After we experienced the crash, I went back into Corporate America. I am ready to get out. I am ready for freedom. That’s it.

Coach Orlando: Awesome.

Matt: Awesome.

Financial Freedom

Coach Orlando: Right. So you were looking for what most people look for which is time freedom, financial freedom.
Shayla: Yes, definitely. Time freedom, I mean I work from 9:45 to 6 PM daily. If anyone knows Atlanta and they know the Atlanta traffic, it can be horrible. Prior to I think maybe the latter part of last year, we started working from home which was excellent. However, I feel as if I’m a lot into my computer all day.

Coach Orlando: Right.

Shayla: I want my freedom.

Getting the Success Call

Coach Orlando: Absolutely. Absolutely. You answered one of our ads, right. You came through the system. So what was going through your mind as you were doing research? I have to actually thank publicly here Jacky Allen. I think you …

Shayla: Yes.

Coach Orlando: Got on one of her success calls, right.

Shayla: I did. I did get on one of her success calls. I mean, it was just normal people, real people. That’s what impressed me the most. I got a phone call. I followed up with the phone call. Then they told me I would be speaking to someone named Orlando. I said okay. Then I spoke to you. There was no pressure. It wasn’t as if you were trying to sell me on this business opportunity. You just pointed me in the direction that I needed to go to take a more in depth dive or look at the company. But I was extremely skeptical of making an investment like that and working with people that I didn’t know.
The thing that I think that worked for me or that impressed me was once I got on Jacky’s call, and hearing her and seeing everyone that was on the call and seeing that everybody, they’re real people. I’m thinking to myself, “Well, all these people can’t be wrong.” I did all of my research. I went to YouTube. I probably watched every video there was to watch about the company. This many people can’t be wrong.

Coach Orlando: Right, right, right.

Shayla: I just got on the other side of my fear and jumped in.

The Big Picture

Coach Orlando: Right. One thing I do want to say that I recall is that you actually came across a negative content but you were able to see that there was an overwhelming amount of positive content out there. You were able to see the big picture, the big vision and see past that, right.

Shayla: Well, the thing about the negative content, there was some negative content but everyone had an angle. They were trying to bring you into another business. I remember seeing a video of a couple. They were complaining and all of this. Then at the end, they were trying to sell you on another business, another opportunity. So it didn’t sway me any.

Coach Orlando: Right. You were able to obviously see the positive content out there, the people were doing.

Shayla: Yes. That’s what I said. This many people can’t be wrong. Something’s happening.

Breaking Free

Coach Orlando: Absolutely, absolutely. Obviously, you want to supplement your current income but you’re looking to break free and hopefully, maybe one day go full-time and then live that laptop lifestyle and be able to travel and obviously-

Shayla: That’s the biggest thing.

Coach Orlando: Yeah.

Shayla: Yeah. To be able to get away from the experience that I’m strapped to my computer on a day to day basis. The income, I can make the income. However, the thing that impresses me, one of the other things that impresses me was the rate of return onto my investment, how fast I can get that rate of return on my investment. That was another thing that impressed me the most.

Coach Orlando: Awesome, awesome. Well, we’re looking very forward to working with you. Hopefully, we’ll get to meet you at our next live event.

Shayla: Oh yeah.

Attend the Webinar

Coach Orlando: Absolutely. Matt, anything you want to chime in here, buddy, and ask or …

Matt: No, man. You actually surprisingly did a good job. No, I’m kidding. No, you did a good job, man. The only thing that stuck out to me or a lot of stuff stuck out to me but one of the biggest things was, Shay, is that you attended a daily success call as we call it.

Shayla: Yes.

Matt: We say a call. It’s basically a webinar, kind of like we’re hanging out right now.

Shayla: Yes.

Matt: Little meeting. You attended one of our business partner. Her name is Jacky, right. You attended hers.

Shayla: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Matt: Guys, if you’re watching this video, you don’t really know what that is. Literally, we have 19 training sessions a week for our members, right. They’re always taught by a $30,000 plus a month earner so whether I’m teaching them or Orlando’s teaching them, Jacky, we have lots of mentors that teach them. Shay actually got on one of these calls. So if you’re checking out the information maybe even on a webinar, maybe you haven’t, guys, definitely, if you haven’t actually been on one of our 2 PM daily success calls, you definitely want to join. You guys can just reach out to us and we’ll definitely plug you in with that. As Shay was talking, I mean, we have a real community, guys. This isn’t like one of those internet businesses, right, where you just purchase something and then the person that you bought from disappears.
You don’t get the support and all that kind of stuff. We meet live every three or four months. So it’s definitely the real deal. But we understand that if you’re on the outside looking in, you’re going to naturally be a little skeptical. You have to be, right. You’re trying to protect yourself. You don’t want to lose out. So it’s totally natural. What you don’t want to do is you don’t want to cut yourself short and just assume, “Well, nothing’s real.” Then basically just continue down the path you’re going especially when you start seeing that man, there’s actually real people here having success. So you have to ask yourself the question, “Why not me?”

Take Action

Okay. You got to ask yourself that. So guys, definitely take action. You’ll have an opportunity to get more information if you like. Just look around the video. Other than that, appreciate you guys hanging out with us. Appreciate getting the opportunity to meet you, Shay, and working with you.

Shayla: Same here.

Matt: Awesome, awesome.

Shayla: I’m excited.

Matt: Looking forward to helping you reach your income goals and lifestyle goals.

Shayla: Thank you so much.

Matt: Talk to you guys soon.

Coach Orlando: Yeah, absolutely. I just want to say congratulations to you for getting started, just allowing yourself, to give yourself the opportunity, Shay. We’re going to be posting this in our fan page as well as our private-only members page. So for all of our members why don’t you congratulate Shay, give her some of our community love here. Hope to you see on the next video. So have a great day and congrats. Bye bye.

Shayla: Thank you. Bye bye.

Matt: See you, guys.

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