Signs You Need to Reboot Your Life after 50

You’ve hit your big 5-0 and might be asking yourself, what next?

After turning 50, the years that follow are full of incredible opportunities if you’re open to them.

For one, you trust in who you are and what values you hold. You may also become an empty-nester, opening up more free time for the things you enjoy.

Likewise, life after 50 means you’ve most likely survived the hustle of being a business person in your youth and can finally enjoy the life you’ve built.

However, at what point do you need to reboot your life?

They say 50 is the time to relax. But is that really true? Should you instead be taking this time to reinvigorate your life and re-discover your goals, values, and dreams?

The Slump

You’ve put in years of exploration, struggle, and spontaneity in your twenties and thirties. For most people these years were spent counting pennies, staying out too late, and working overtime in order to get their boss to notice them.

Since then, you’ve built a family, a career, and a home. While comforting, over the years you may have become a creature of habit. Perhaps, you’ve stopped exploring new hobbies, taking career risks, and showering your significant other with romance.

Enjoying the life you’ve built doesn’t mean you have to stop growing as individuals. Rather, it should be the time in your life, in which you can feel more freedom to take chances, embrace what you want, and rediscover your passions.

Recognizing that you may have fallen into a slump is not always easy. However, asking a few key questions might reveal a need to reboot.

5 Signs That You Need To Reboot Your Life

1. You’ve been acting as if it is business as usual

You’ve climbed up the ladder and landed your dream jobs. But that was ten years ago!

What are your new career goals? Are you sick of working for someone else? Do you need a change?

You’ve gained both knowledge and experience over the years, and now it is time to shake things up. Think about entrepreneurship or other professional opportunities that reflect your expertise.

2. Your love life has cooled down

When was the last time you turned up the heat? Reinvigorating your love life means bringing adventure, spontaneity, and fun back into your life!

Schedule weekly dates nights in which you and your spouse try doing something new together. If unmarried, get back on the scene with online dating and adventure clubs.

3. You’ve let yourself go

Has health taken a back seat? Many of us get comfortable and forget the value of self-improvement.

Mental and physical health support your overall quality and longevity of life. Try meditation, kickstarting a new fitness routine, or spending more time outside.

Your mind and body will thank you.

4. You’ve stopped exploring

At some point, you may feel like you’ve met everyone you need to know and have done everything you would ever want to do. But when was the last time you evaluated what your dreams and desires are?

Your bucket list from when you were 30 is most likely drastically different from what you would write down today. Create a new bucket list and start exploring!

5. You’ve haven’t re-evaluated your values

When you were in your early adult years, your values mirrored your age. Some values such as perseverance and willingness to get the job done may no longer be qualities you place great importance on.

So, take time to write down what your new values are and work to implement them in your daily life.

Turning 50 opens the door to a wide range of possibilities. Consider some of the things others did to reboot their lives on our blog.

Instead of letting yourself go, learn to take full advantage of your knowledge and experience and reboot your own life, too! You’ll discover a new passion for life you’ve never thought was possible!

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