Stay at Home Dad: A Mental and Intellectual Challenge?

Increasingly, men are opting to become the stay at home parent for their children.

If you’re one of these guys, congrats! You want to put your family first and be present for the formative years of your kids.

However, making the transition to stay at home dad isn’t always easy.

What are some of the challenges?

Mental Challenges

Let’s face it, kids can be mentally exhausting! This is true whether they are newborns, hitting the “Terrible Twos” or become “Threenagers.” Your mental energy will be put to the test daily.

This can not only leave you feeling exhausted physically, but you may reach your wits end mentally, too. It’s hard to always have your attention on the kids and not feel burned out.

Emotional Challenges

For a stay at home dad, there are emotional challenges as well. Like most men, you probably worked before becoming a parent. You interacted more with adults in an office or work setting. It can be hard for some to make the switch from being with adults to focusing on children.

Another issue is that there still exists a certain stigma in the U.S. about men being responsible for child-rearing. The stereotype is often that men go out to earn the bacon and the women take care of the household.

Moreover, being at home all the time can be very isolating. Even at playgroup activities, you may find yourself being the only male in the room.

One of the most difficult emotional challenges for stay at home dads is the loss of income. For anyone who has been working, male or female, not making the money you were earning before can be tough. In our society, we still place a high priority on social status when it comes to money.

Plus, it can be difficult to now rely on your spouse’s income when you previously earned your own money. You may feel like you are not contributing as you should to the household, despite the fact you are now shouldering the lion’s’ share of the parenting responsibilities!

Intellectual Challenges

When you did work, you were probably the guy who loved to wrap his head around a problem. You enjoyed the process of breaking things down and figuring out a solution. This made work enjoyable and fun.

You may also have enjoyed loved learning something new and then being able to apply that knowledge to real-world situations. Yet, now, as a stay at home dad, you may feel like you’ve lost your edge. Your brain is no longer active in quite the same way. Although, you probably find yourself facing plenty of other challenges!

What Men Can Do with These Challenges

Luckily, there are a lot of things that men can do to counter these mental, emotional, and intellectual challenges.

You could, for example:

  • Be physically active every day to stay in shape (which can include doing physical labor, such as yard work)
  • Read daily (newspapers, magazines, or book)
  • Be creative and express yourself in various art forms
  • Play a musical instrument or learn a new one
  • Get active in your community by volunteering or taking a class
  • Work as a freelancer where you can take on projects that fit your schedule

How Starting an Online Business Can Help Stay at Home Dads

Another solution to counteract some of these challenges may be to start your own online business. However, you have to choose carefully. You want a business that is easy to setup, can run itself, and makes good income.

Luckily we have the right system in place just for you! With our business model, you can have it both ways: a career with sizeable income and the flexibility to focus on your family.

Being a stay at home dad has many benefits and joys. However, it can help to have something that keeps you mentally and intellectually engaged. By owning an online business you can do both and make money.

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