Stay At Home Jobs for Moms: What Are the Pros and Cons?

The ability to work remotely is possibly the most empowering opportunity the digital age has to offer.

Not only is remote work great for jet setters, but moms are taking advantage of opportunities as well.

Stay at home jobs for moms are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. Moms get to be at home with their children and get to earn some money in the meantime. It’s a win/win!

Though, it’s no small task for a mom to embark on this journey. Here are some pros and cons for moms who choose to pursue a career from home.

Choosing the Right Niche

On popular job boards, it’s inevitable that you’ll be bombarded with remote job opportunities. Not only do you have to pinpoint the best work to match your skill set, but you also have to sort through scammers.

From freelance writer to customer service representative, or transcriber to online teacher, the opportunities can seem endless.

The challenge is to take an honest look at your schedule and skill set to figure out where you best fit. For instance, dedicating six solid hours a day to a well-paying graphics project would be detrimental to your career if your forte was writing and you only have short spurts of available time.

Mindfully Embracing the Work/Life Balance

Another important variable when it comes to embracing stay at home jobs for moms is the juggle between work and life. As you likely know, this is a delicate balance.

As a work-at-home-mom, it’s easy to feel like your home is being invaded by work. Remote work frequently removes the “luxury” of leaving a work zone.

Parental duties might even have to take a backseat at certain moments in your day. After all, kids aren’t entirely predictable It’s not uncommon to constantly feel pulled in both ↔ directions.

The best time to address this challenge is before you ever start searching for stay at home jobs for moms. A little awareness goes a long way, so don’t let this challenge put you off to the idea.

Conversely, there is little in life more rewarding than successfully pulling off the double duty of being mom and career woman.

Setting Healthy Work Boundaries

As mentioned above, it’s imperative to establish a healthy work/life balance to make remote working successful.

Not only does this involve the emotional tug you feel towards both work and parental duties, but it also pertains to physical space and time.

Often, the challenge of stay at home jobs for moms has to do with setting and reinforcing appropriate boundaries.

Some obstacles to address before saying “yes”:

  • Define your hours committed to work.
  • Embrace a strategy to reinforce that commitment.
  • Establish a flexible “Plan B” because of unexpected parental duties.
  • Dedicate a certain physical space as your work zone.
  • Keeping Current within Your Niche
  • The online world changes so quickly that you have to stay on top of it or you’ll get left behind.

This is especially relevant information when approaching stay at home jobs for moms. Without actually communicating and socializing as a member of an actual team sitting in an office, it’s easy to get out of touch.

To battle this, stay-at-home-moms can become a part of an online community within their niche. For instance, writers can join a Facebook writers group and online teachers might have the opportunity to connect on Slack or another online platform.

Although you might be hidden behind the closed doors of your house, you still have the opportunity to keep current within your chosen niche.

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