Stuck in a Toxic Work Environment? – 10 Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Let’s face it, we’ve all had bad days at work. Though, these should only be an occasional occurrence.

If you are daily struggling at the office, however, it may be because of a toxic work environment.

Consider these ten signs that something might be off.

1. Gossip Among Your Coworkers

It can be awkward having lunch with a coworker when all of a sudden they launch into a tirade about another colleague. Of course, gossip is going to be part of any social group.

Yet, if the comments you hear feel particularly negative at your office, that could be contributing to a toxic work environment.

2. Your Job Asks A lot of Your Time

You may have a high-stress job that you love. However, is it also asking a lot of your personal time? Have you been asked (or expected) to come into the office on weekends to work? Are you expected to take calls all the time?

Granted, in some professions, it is required that colleagues share “on-call” duty, such as in the medical field. However, in most jobs, whatever the issue is can usually wait until Monday.

3. You Are Not Being Challenged

Have you noticed that you are not being assigned projects that are interesting and challenging? It could be a coincidence. Or, it may be something else.

Work is meant to be challenging and to present opportunities for professional growth. Otherwise, you remain stuck in the same job while others are promoted past you.

4. Is There Favoritism at Your Job?

Does your boss play favorites with your coworkers? Has someone been promoted recently that perhaps lacked the qualifications but was cozy with the boss?

Favoritism hurts morale, breeds jealousy, and definitely contributes to a toxic work environment.

5. Do You Feel Stressed?

Have you been experiencing increased levels of stress lately? Are the sources of that stress perhaps connected to your work?

Naturally, no job is going to be stress-free. And that’s why knowing how to manage stress is important. Yet, if those stress-reducing skills are not working, it may be because of the toxicity at your work.

6. Does Work Feel Like a Competition?

Some workplaces try to create friendly competition to encourage worker performance. For example, whoever gets the most sales by the end of the month wins a prize.

Competition though can also breed infighting with coworkers and contribute to a toxic work environment. Instead of seeing each other as colleagues working towards a common goal, everyone is seen as the enemy.

7. The Company Has Strayed from Their Path

Many companies start out with idealistic goals or a broad-reaching vision. This can be inspiring to employees and encourages them to do their best work.

However, over time, it’s possible to stray from that vision. Often companies will reinvent themselves to adjust to changing trends. Yet, if you feel that the company has renounced its vision, that may feel very disillusioning.

8. You Feel Unheard

We all want to feel heard and to contribute to the success of the team. Yet, has there been times when you have been overlooked or ignored at work? That can be very disempowering and certainly won’t motivate you to want to contribute.

Or, perhaps, you’ve spoken up only to have your thoughts shot down publicly. When something like that happens it’s embarrassing, to say the least.

9. Your Ethics Are in Conflict with Your Work

Maybe it didn’t start out that way. When you started working for your company, everything felt fine.

But over time, you’ve learned of things that the company was doing that conflicted with your values and ethics. When you feel your work environment is toxic to your very core beliefs, it’s very hard for anyone to want to stay.

10. That Nagging Feeling

Sometimes, we just have a feeling that something isn’t right. Call it a gut instinct or intuition. Don’t ignore those feelings, but rather consider getting away from the toxicity.

If you thinking you might be stuck in a toxic work environment, why not make a change?

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