The Importance of Family: Do Your Values Drive Your Choices?

When you’re at work you think of your family. When you’re with family you think of work.

It’s like you’re riding the broken seesaw in the playground of life.

Sounds familiar?

Just know that it’s not just you. All of today’s workforce is trying to balance the importance of family and work on the same exact seesaw.

The thing about seesaws is that, eventually, one side falls to the ground… and stays there.

Sadly, many times it’s the wrong side.

So, which side is it for you? Are you driven by the importance of family or by something else entirely?

How can you pinpoint which values drive you?

Figure Out Where Your Loyalties Lie

It must be said that loyalty in the workplace is rarely reciprocated. Sadly, some employees dedicate a big part
of their lives to a company only to be forgotten in the end.

Granted, a certain amount of dedication is needed to fulfill the role of good employee. But not nearly as much as many people think.

It’s true that having a family and having a full-time job often pulls you in more directions than you’re physically and emotionally capable of going. However, there is one enormous indicator of where your loyalties lie—time.

It’s likely that you believe in the importance of family, but ask yourself: “To what do I actually dedicate the majority of my quality time?”

For instance, are you on the phone with the office or answering emails when you’re on “family time?” Or, between a crisis at work and a crisis at home, where do you run?

Get in Crisis Mode

One way to get a family member home from work is through a crisis. Whether it’s a trip to the ER, rehab, or some other type of emergency, everyone knows that you’ll dash home to take care of it.

So, why not show the same zeal every day?

Maybe you think that your family doesn’t need you in that way all the time. Except… they do!

They need you. All the time. In some way. It’s not always in physical form, but they need you nonetheless.

So, think about what you would offer to your family in the middle of a crisis. Emotional support, love, care, open communication—all offered freely! Why? Because these are your true core values. Who you really are.

Essentially, whatever you would do for your family in crisis mode, do now. Let those core values lead the way and figure out how to give your family this part of you each day.

Extend Your Love Past a Feeling

It’s easy to say that you love someone. It’s not always easy to show it. But that’s exactly what true love is—making sure that the other person feels your love through your actions.

So, looking introspectively, how do your actions speak to your family?

When it comes down to it, they know you have to work. But they also have a deep desire to feel that they hold the #1 spot in your life.

They don’t want to have to fight for your attention or your love in this ongoing power struggle that we like to call work/life balance. They want you. And they want you to come home when you say that you will or for you to give your full attention when you’re with them.

The importance of family is a strong pull. A healthy pull.

Through action, you can clearly express how much you care about your family. Start by blending your work responsibilities and your family responsibilities, fitting together the most important pieces, and then building around those core values.

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