The Keys to Success for Online Entrepreneurs

Rock solid self-discipline, phenomenal work ethic, intense focus – all characteristics of successful online entrepreneurs, right?


Here’s the thing, if that’s all you bring to the table then you’re going to fall short. Your business might not even make it too far out of the starting gate. While these traits are certainly not going to hurt your business, you’re going to have to think outside of the box to really experience the success you want.

Here’s what I mean.

Be Committed to Transformation

Let me get straight to the point. Not only do you need to wear various hats during your online entrepreneur endeavor, but be ready to retire some and buy new ones, as well.

Basically, you’re not going to handle your business the same way on day 1,254 as you did on day two. At least, not if you’re in it to win it.

Successful online entrepreneurs possess the ability to evolve. They don’t stick to their rusty guns or an outdated “this is the only way we do things” mindset.

Be an Epic Problem-Solver

The good and bad thing about powerful search engines at your fingertips is that it’s easy to find solutions to most problems. But, why solve your own problems with someone else’s solutions.

To really make an unforgettable splash as an online entrepreneur, become a champion problem-solver.

Sure, problems are going to bombard you. After all, you’re an online entrepreneur. But, your creativity in solving them could either make or break you.

Make Mistakes Your Legacy

I haven’t met a person yet who actually wants to be remembered by their mistakes. Though Thomas Edison was. Steve Jobs was. Walt Disney was. And we admire them for it.

Not only were these people rejected, but they all faced miserable failure. Their “mistakes” ultimately made them groundbreaking leaders in their industry.

A key to being a successful online entrepreneur is to be an expert at shaking the dust off your pants when you fall. Be willing to get out there, give it a whirl, and take risks.

Identify Your Own False Rules

What things can’t you do well?

Maybe you really don’t get SEO or social media marketing baffles your mind. It could be that you think you stink at creating a solid sales funnel or writing product descriptions.

There’s a good reason why you can’t do these things well. The answer? Because you think you can’t.

The real deal is that you can sit down and type out a product description. Will it stink? Maybe. But, there is a dozen great “how to write an epic product description” articles for you to un-stink your skills.

So, challenge that mindset. Figure out why you think it and why you limit yourself by saying “can’t.” Often, the limitations melt away when you realize they were more possible than you imagined.

Stop Thinking, Start Doing

Successful entrepreneurs know how to dream big. They also know how to take the first step towards their dreams. Granted, most of the time they don’t always know what will follow that first step, but they have the guts to take it anyway.

The point is that you have to be a leader to be a successful online entrepreneur. And, it’s simply about taking action instead of keeping your big plans caged in your mind 24/7.

Here’s the thing about taking the first step: people follow. As a true leader, you’re out there doing the thing and making stuff happen. Not only does this gain you authenticity but it promotes authority in your industry.

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