The Road to Happiness: Experience the Joy of Ditching Your Commute and Working from Home

It’s the ultimate dream—working from home.

Not only does it grant you the option to work according to your own schedule. But you save time and money on a daily commute, spare yourself the hassle of donning a work wardrobe, and the luxury of more time allotted to family or hobbies.

And that’s just the beginning.

Let’s just hone in on ditching your commute for a moment. No matter how you get to work—ferry, automobile, train, bus, subway—the fact remains that the average American spends around 30 minutes (one way) en route to their job.

Consider the positive impact it would have on you and your family if you could experience the joy of ditching your commute, gaining the freedom to do with your time what you truly want.

Your Daily Commute Is a Killjoy

Studies show that your daily commute decreases your physical health and also contributes heavily to your overall unhappiness. In fact, your happiness starts taking a serious nosedive with each additional minute you commute over an hour.

Anxiety tends to skyrocket for commuters. Unsurprisingly, bodily pains follow suit. In short, commuting often hurts your neck, back, stomach, and blood pressure.

Despite work providing a way for you to take care of your family, many commuters resent their jobs. Casting a negative shadow on the workweek altogether, it’s not uncommon for a hefty commute to make you feel increasingly dissatisfied with your career and your life.

Being Happy Is Good for Business

Maybe you’ve just launched your solopreneur business or you’re joining forces with others, venture capital as your catapult. In any case, ditching your commute and working from home could promote loads of happiness.

And being happy is good for business.

Frequently, there’s a massive boom in productivity for those going from working in an office to working from home. From fewer distractions and endless co-worker chatter to being more comfortable and personally accountable, the reasons for the productivity boom are numerous.

Working from home bypasses that notorious feeling of being “trapped” in a cubicle, work zone, or office.

The How-To of Ditching Your Commute

Perhaps you’re tempted to dive in head first, ditching your commute this very next work week. Keep in mind, though, that it’s more than simply deciding you want to do this. You need to actually be capable of doing this.

Meaning, if you’re an unmotivated worker in the office, then you’ll probably be an unmotivated worker at home. No matter if it’s your own business endeavor or not.

So, do some introspection to identify any trouble areas that working from home might cause. Then, have the courage to address those areas, safeguarding your business or career as you make the transition to working from home.

Have a Solid Work Strategy

Ditching your commute and working from home doesn’t mean ditching your work routine completely. Really, working from home means having a foolproof work schedule in place already.

You’ll need to establish dedicated working hours and time set apart for socializing as well. After all, we humans are social creatures.

Keep in mind that, although you won’t be within the typical 9-5 parameters any longer, it may take you a while to let this rhythm exit your system. And further still, it may take some time to let anxiety work its way out of your day-to-day routine, too. Especially if ditching your commute means releasing resentment.

Therefore, allow yourself a learning curve as you get used to the new approach to being productive.

For example, working from home doesn’t always equate to working in your pajamas. Some people function horribly in lounge clothes and need to “gear up” to be productive.

Self-discovery is always in flux, so try new ways to be your best and most productive self. And if you’d like to learn more about ditching your commute and working from home, follow us on Facebook.

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