This Is How to Fire Your Boss and Hire Yourself

We’ve all dreamed about it—being our own boss.

Making a living doing something we believe in. And loving our job because we’re passionate about it.

We’d make that dream a reality in an instant if we only knew how.

Is now the time for you to take that leap?

Are you weary of answering to a boss who doesn’t appreciate you, your skills, or what you accomplish? Do you feel like you can’t put up with the competition, one-upmanship, and back-stabbing of office politics one more minute?

Oh, and then there’s job security—the lack of it. If there ever was a time to stick to a distasteful job because it was secure, those days are gone.

If you want economic stability, work that’s worth doing, and your life back, it’s time to fire your boss and hire yourself.

Stop wishing and start acting!

Steps to Entrepreneurship: How to Fire Your Boss and Hire Yourself

Believe me. You already have within you everything you need to take charge of your work and your work life. The qualities required to succeed as an entrepreneur are evident.

The following steps will help you overcome the dissatisfaction you feel about your current job and start you on your way to more rewarding work.

Step #1: Write Your Life Plan

Write down on paper the kind of life you want to be living. What will make you happy? What are your passions, your skills? What environment would you prefer to work and live in?

One way to create this plan is to keep a journal. Write every day or every few days. Ask yourself, “What do I want?” “Why am I here, on this planet?” Don’t limit yourself. Go beyond the practical—write down your visions, your dreams.

Use your journal to explore your life and career so far. What have you learned, about yourself and your work, from jobs you’ve had, places you’ve been?

If you know where you came from you can decide where you want to go.

Step #2: Create Your Business Plan

When you have a clearer idea of what your dream work looks like, write a business plan. Spend some time on this project. Your business plan will help you refine your goals and show you the practical way to achieve them.

Your plan should cover, in detail, these points:

  • What, exactly will your business do?
  • Which problems will your business solve?
  • Your business will need marketing. How will you accomplish that?
  • You’ll have competition. What advantages do you have?
  • How will you make money from this business?

If your business plan requires resources or skills you don’t yet have, decide how you’re going to get these resources and skills and add these steps to your plan.

Step #3: Identify Your Core Values

Decide what your core values are. These values are the basis of what your business has to offer. Living up to these core values will keep your business afloat.

Core values keep your independent spirit focused. They are the reason you will make your business succeed.

Here are some examples:

  • Emphasize collaboration over competition.
  • Reward risk-taking.
  • Communicate clearly and transparently.
  • Encourage buy-in from workers and customers.

Step #4: Set a Timeline

All the journals and lists of goals and visions in the world won’t get you started unless you set yourself a timeline.

Work on your life plan, your business plan, and your core values every day. At the same time, set a reasonable deadline for each section, each question, each step. And stick to your timeline.

Written plans mean you have made a conscious decision to fire your boss and hire yourself. Sticking to your deadline means you have committed yourself.

When you take yourself and your career seriously—when you fire your boss and hire yourself—you’ll have rewarding work, financial stability, and a great boss.

Summing Up

Remember that you have what it takes—independent thinking, the desire to add value, patience and persistence, and willingness to make changes and take charge of your life.

The steps to help you make your dream career and your dream lifestyle come true include writing down your life plan, a business plan, and your core values and setting a timeline and sticking to it.

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