This Is Why Small Business Coaching Helps

When you think of a coach you probably think of sports.

Someone shouting instructions from the sidelines and high-fiving you when you actually make that epic shot.

And don’t forget about the inspiring pep talks, the challenging practices, or the uncomfortable “How’s your English grade?” inquiries. In short, a coach is someone who pushes you outside your comfort zone.

No matter if it’s sports and owning a small business, you need someone to push you. You really need a coach in your corner.

Here’s why having a business coach helps.

Employs Collective Brain Power

It’s safe to say that a group of intelligent people is collectively smarter than just one intelligent person thinking by themselves. Even if that one person is a superhuman entrepreneur such as yourself.

Remember that there can be power in numbers, especially brain power.

Coaching offers you the chance to harness this unique power. As a small business owner, much of your time is spent brainstorming. While some of your thoughts are pure genius, other ideas should line the welcome mat of a dung beetle’s home. Such is entrepreneurship.

A coach can serve as the ultimate sounding board, free of judgment or any dung beetle comments. This type of grey matter collaboration is unrivaled. So opt for more of it.

Encourages You to Channel Your Vision

Dozens of great articles exist, focusing on your exact trouble spot. Being the driven entrepreneur that you are, you’ll likely read all of them. Consequently, you’ll also be pulled in a dozen different directions.

But not with a coach on your side.

Your coach can help you channel your vision. Sure, you can try different strategies and methods. There’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s easy to get carried away with them all.

Small business coaching helps you identify what will work best for your business. Furthermore, a coach can guide you as you measure results and tweak your methods.

Speaks the Unabashed Truth

When you started your business, your mom, your uncle Todd, and your best friend probably organized a parade for you. Basically, it was a big deal.

Here’s the thing, those closest to you aren’t always going to tell you when an idea or strategy stinks. That’s not their job. Rather, your loved ones buy the Smarties and Dum Dums to throw in your parade.

A small business coach, however, has the know-how and the authority to tell you the unabashed truth. And they will.

And further still, it will do you well to listen.

Instead of being biased, a coach will tell you how you truly size-up to your competitors. They’ll unveil your weaknesses and be the iron that sharpens iron for you. Think of it this way, to convince your competitors and clients that you’re an authority in your industry, you must first convince your coach.

Operating a successful small business is not a feat for the faint of heart. You need to be fearless, and a coach can help you get there.

Guarantees a Full-Time Accountability Buddy

Did you optimize your landing page and fix that wonky opt-in link? What about your product descriptions, hired a copywriter yet?

Are you eating, sleeping, exercising? You know creativity depends on exercise.

This is the kind of following up a great small business coach is going to be doing. All while wearing a ragged “Been There, Done That” t-shirt.

Let’s be honest. It’s easy to break promises to ourselves. But breaking a promise to someone else is way more uncomfortable. Coaching helps to eliminate those frequently broken promises and keeps you more accountable to your own goals.

Really, a small business coach is the ultimate accountability buddy because they genuinely want to see you succeed.

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