Why You Should Use Marketing Automation

Does using marketing automation sound like handing over your company to a mob of client-hungry robots?

Well, it’s not.

It’s actually way cooler than any robot mob you’ll ever see. In fact, rather than you handing anything over to the bots, this automated type of marketing hands opportunities over to you. And, by the truckload, I might add.

In wondering about updating your marketing to a more automated system, here’s why you should.

Autopilots Never Sleep

In terms of marketing automation, I’m talking about client opt-ins, email campaigns, lead management, etc. These are the things that strong online marketing is made of and grants success to many small business owners.

An amazing element to any automated process is that where we humans might take 10 hours to do a task (like answer an email), an autopilot takes split-seconds.

When it all comes down to it, clients are looking for quality products at lightning-fast speed. Deliver that to them, and you’ll keep them coming back.

Nurtures Creativity

The majority of your staff’s or perhaps your own time is focused on either winning more clients or maintaining the ones you already have. And let’s be real, without clients your company is pretty much zilch.

Rather than nurturing a handful of leads, using marketing automation frees up your staff or you to focus on other pressing issues regarding company development. Basically, automating your marketing frees up the real humans to be more creative.

To find success as a small business owner, you need a steady flow of creativity to help you evolve into bigger and better.

Extends Your Client Lifetime

You may hear this a lot from me, but it can cost a ton more to win a new client opposed to keeping a current one. What I’m really honing in on here is cross-selling and up-selling. It’s all part of using automated marketing listening to your clients by way of your analytics.

The art of nurturing clients isn’t stuck in this onesie-twosie kind of process any longer. It’s streamlined. And current clients love it! Naturally, entrepreneurs and small business owner do, too.

Here’s the thing about clients, they don’t always know what they want or need. They know they have a problem that needs solving. So when your marketing services offer solutions on auto-pilot, you’re still the hero.

Keep offering the client what they didn’t know they needed and you may just have a client for life!

Cuts Down on Staffing Costs

Without automated marketing, you’re going to have to hire specific people for specific jobs. This might seem like a no-brainer kind of comment, but many small business owners overlook it or simply miss out on that job function.

Keep in mind that the reach of automated marketing services is far and wide. Not only is this type of marketing capable of crossing over into many platforms, but also in so many different ways. The options are as far-reaching as your potential client base.

You could be all over the place winning new clients. All the while, you’re putting your staff on the payroll to good use in other ways.

Detailed Marketing Feedback

More than anything, automated marketing is about optimizing. But, you can’t optimize anything without first knowing a direct aim. This is where the “robot feedback” or analytics come into play.

Forgoing any uncomfortable conversations about this or that marketing campaign fail, you have easy access to the bottlenecks in your marketing strategy. There’s no question what’s holding you up because the data is right there in the analytics.

Really, it fine tunes the entire marketing process and helps you to identify any weaknesses in your approach.

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